AbleTo Pairs Analytics and Behavioral Therapy to Treat Patient Depression and Reduce Future Medical Costs

It's hard to go wrong when you combine compassion with good business, and technology-enabled behavioral health provider AbleTo has done just that. By pairing a predictive analytics platform with a nationwide network of social workers and behavior coaches, AbleTo identifies and treats patients suffering from depression or anxiety on top of other serious health conditions, thereby reducing future medical costs for the most complex patients by as much as 50%.





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“We needed a platform that would provide better visibility and reporting on our business.” Frank Hunt, Senior Vice President of Finance, AbleTo

Charting a Path to Growth

Cost cutting prowess
The prospect of saving money while addressing the growing mental health epidemic is driving significant demand from the nation's biggest payers. After spending several years establishing its model, AbleTo has tipped the scales, with revenue doubling in 2018 and then growing another 50 percent in 2019.
Scaling with the business
As AbleTo's business took off, its financial system could not keep up with its growing scale and complexity. It needed a technology platform that could support multiple subsidiaries, consolidate across multiple companies, and provide better visibility and reporting.
NetSuite delivers swift impact
AbleTo ultimately turned to NetSuite, tapping the SuiteSuccess methodology to complete its implementation and migrate two years’ worth of data in just three months. A year later, it had shrunk the time required to close its books from 15 days to seven.
Digging deeper
AbleTo has only scratched the surface of NetSuite. As it continues to grow, it anticipates adding users and tapping more of the accounts receivable revenue functionality. Plans for 2020 include tapping more revenue amortisation features and rolling out NetSuite's forecasting tool.


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