NetSuite Raises the Bar for Middle Eastern Construction Machinery Rental Business

The Al Faris Group, based in Dubai, provides much of the heavy-lifting equipment for the unabated construction going on across the Middle East, including for the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, as well as for the Dubai Metro and Dubai International Airport. To help streamline the rental of over 3,000 machines—worth an estimated $400m—on thousands of construction projects and managing around 3,200 employees, the company decided, in 2014, to adopt a cloud-based ERP solution from NetSuite.

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Al Faris Group


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“Thanks to our new systems and the improved workflows spearheaded by KPI, we can be sure of better use of our materials and staff. Previously, without proper planning, these valuable resources could sometimes lie idle. Now, with better reporting capabilities and real-time visibility across the business, things are much more efficient.” Hillary W. Pinto, Managing Director, Al Faris Group

Al Faris Streamlines with Cloud ERP and Bespoke App

Automated bookings and billing
With a growing number of projects and clients, timesheet management and resource utilization became cumbersome using Excel. A team of only three people can now consistently manage between 400 to 500 timesheets a day, using NetSuite technology to automatically bill according to specific weekly, monthly or hourly requirements. And, with over a thousand clients, quotations for every booking take just two to three minutes each, instead of around 25 minutes before.
Reducing admin and manual tasks
NetSuite also helps with the necessary licensing, certificates, permissions and passes required for each construction project. For instance, for site inspections, previously this meant a full-time job for one individual and lots of internal paperwork, whereas now things can move forward in under an hour. Intercompany transactions and financial consolidations between the company’s five offices in two countries took several weeks before—and, in some cases, months—but now take just a couple of days.
A bespoke app developed for the rental market
Local tech partner and financial consultancy KPI assisted Al Faris with the implementation, as well as advised on how to maximize the NetSuite solution, incorporating financial accounting, CRM, operations and planning the best use of resources. It worked on a more user-friendly, customized interface and even helped develop a bespoke app for the company’s specific rental requirements for its heavy-lifting machinery.


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