Ambassador Foods

Cloud ERP Arms Ambassador Foods with Data Accuracy and Business Continuity

In essence, Ambassador Foods’ business is about enablement. As a representative for little-known international food brands, Ambassador helps food-makers market and sell their products instead of watching those products sit on warehouse shelves. It negotiates with retailers and determines the optimal balance between pricing, rebates and margins to get the best deals for its clients. The process generally lowers manufacturers’ risks by helping reduce inventory on-hand while providing access to the U.S. market.


Ambassador Foods


Hallandale, Fla.


Wholesale Distribution, Food and Beverage


Under 25






Learning Cloud Support

“I always tell people: if it’s not in NetSuite, it didn’t happen.” Opher Yunger, Managing Partner, Marketing and Operations, Ambassador Foods
“I always tell people: if it’s not in NetSuite, it didn’t happen.” Opher Yunger, Managing Partner, Marketing and Operations, Ambassador Foods

From Startup to Well-Oiled Machine

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From Startup to Well-Oiled Machine


Struggles with data and disasters

During its years on QuickBooks, Ambassador struggled to manage data spanning food retailers, manufacturers and rebate options—the data points it uses to determine optimal pricing for its clients. Then, in 2017, Hurricane Irma shut down Ambassador’s on-premises software system, crippling the company for two weeks.


Wanted: reliable data and continuity

Ambassador felt the need for not only a reliably accessible system but also reliable data. The company was depending on hand-done calculations to make decisions—which were only as good as the data used. “If the variables were not correct (purchase price, programs in place, etc.), then we could be losing money on a deal and not know until a month later,” said Managing Partner Opher Yunger.


Taking business to next level

Now, NetSuite pulls that variable data in real time, then does the calculations required to generate Ambassador’s rebate offers, preventing unnecessary phone calls between teams. “This ensures the decision to approve a deal is sound and the margins are correct,” said Yunger. As a result, Ambassador has significantly improved its margins and, most importantly, its service.


More, please!

As much as it’s getting from NetSuite, Ambassador wants more. It’s looking at adding SuiteCommerce to support direct-to-customer fulfillment, plans to explore leveraging the CRM and marketing functions in 2021, and is considering giving customers access to order and invoice data. It also plans to implement a catch weight customisation.


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