Antidote Brand Divergence Takes on the World with Multi-Subsidiary Expansion of Filipino Brands

Antidote Brand Divergence (Antidote) creates, designs and launches brands in the travel, sports, fashion and food industries. The business focuses on the Filipino market first, before taking brands global. As Antidote began to have success internationally, it was harder and harder to manage its multi-subsidiary operations. The business lacked real-time insights into its financials and inventory, limiting its ability to make informed decisions that would facilitate growth.


Antidote Brand Divergence, Inc.






Around 75 across Antidote and Early Bird




NetSuite OneWorld


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“NetSuite puts us on a path to success by providing accurate information on-demand and enabling us to efficiently manage our growing multi-subsidiary operations.” Kendrick Co, CEO, Antidote Brand Divergence, Inc.

Simplifying Multi-Subsidiary Management

An export-led business
Antidote focused on exports to expand its Filipino brands globally. Having timely and reliable data is, therefore, crucial to prevent stockouts, deliver excellent customer experiences and make insights-driven decisions that continue to drive business growth.
Multi-subsidiary growth introduces complexities
As Antidotes’ brands grew internationally, it became tedious to manually update Excel spreadsheets and Peachtree Accounting software to manage its inventory and financials. Siloed systems compromised effective decision-making and prevented Antidote from accessing reliable, timely data.
Gaining on-demand access to data
By streamlining its financial and inventory processes with NetSuite OneWorld, Antidote gained accurate and on-demand information on its eight subsidiaries. Optimising stock using NetSuite has helped Antidote to minimise stockouts to continue delivering good customer experience while keeping inventory costs low.
Cementing success with visibility and flexibility
Since OneWorld provides a single source of truth, Antidote can confidently address its clients’ queries and fulfil larger orders as it grows the business. The cloud-based solution also helps to future-proof its growth by providing a scalable and customisable IT backbone.


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