With NetSuite Planning and Budgeting, Arbor Research Collaborative Remains Rooted in Mission

For two decades, health care providers and their patients have relied on the objective research, best practices and analysis generated by the various experts in medicine, epidemiology, statistics and economics who work for Arbor Research Collaborative, a nonprofit specializing in epidemiological studies. Seeking more visibility, transparency and the ability to analyze its finances to continue to provide life-changing work, the organization implemented a planning and forecasting tool.


Arbor Research Collaborative


Ann Arbor, Mich.






$20 million




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Oracle NetSuite Planning and Budgeting


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“Everyone loves Excel. That’s one of the things our initial planning solution sold us on. Planning and Budgeting feels like Excel too, but it’s able to connect to NetSuite and isn’t a burden to maintain.” Karen L. Crow, VP of Finance, Arbor Research Collaborative

Arbor Examines its Own Operations Within

Initial solution lacked ease-of-use, experienced team
Despite promises of robust functionality and ease of use, the first planning solution Arbor Research selected required one full-time financial employee to maintain the integration with NetSuite. Convinced to re-implement the software, Arbor Research was left even more frustrated when the second team lacked the finance knowledge to implement a set of standard financials.
Planning and budgeting offers rich functionality
In 2018, Arbor Research discovered the NetSuite Planning and Budgeting as a possible solution at NetSuite’s user conference. Working collaboratively, NetSuite Professional Services and Arbor Research used their rich finance and nonprofit knowledge to salvage work already done and successfully implement Planning and Budgeting.
Transparency, visibility drives results
Planning and Budgeting functionality integrated with NetSuite financials, project management and third-party timekeeping software has saved the accounting team of three roughly 40 hours a month previously spent maintaining the integration between two software products, which is now redirecting its efforts towards analysis and delivery.
Knowledgeable consultants bring the project home
Leveraging the NetSuite team’s experience, Arbor was able to get up and running quickly, allowing the accounting team to develop and begin to provide internal users with views of financials relevant to their roles.


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