Dream of a One-Stop Shop Leads a Georgia Entrepreneur to Cloud ERP

When Robert Lee and his marketing consultancy, Lesix Media, acquired direct mail fulfillment house Atlanta Business Circulators in 2018, Lee had a very clear vision: create a one-stop shop for every step of a direct mail campaign, from strategy and design to printing and delivery. He soon discovered that he would also need a technology platform that could support his ambitious business goals.


Lesix Direct, dba Atlanta Business Circulators


Marietta, Ga.


Advertising, Media & Publishing


Less than 25






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“I didn’t necessarily need something that made us better today; I needed something that we could grow into.” Robert Lee, President, Atlanta Business Circulators

Setting the Groundwork for Expansion

Supporting a growth strategy
The new Atlanta Business Circulators has its eye on growth. Specifically, Lee envisions establishing a three-person sales team that would build the small company's brand and bring in new clients from all over the state of Georgia. Lee needed a robust ERP system to make it possible.
In search of maturity
Having depended on a desktop version of QuickBooks, Atlanta Business Circulators lacked a mature technology that could provide visibility into the business. The online version of QuickBooks proved unworkable; Lee knew he needed something with powerful reporting capabilities.
SuiteSuccess yields quick visibility
NetSuite's combination of customisability and analytics was just what Lee was looking for. Backed by the SuiteSuccess methodology, Atlanta Business Circulators' deployment was a snap, and the company now has the visibility into its fulfillment process needed to create powerful reports.
Best is yet to come
Lee expects throughput to increase 25% within five years. Then he plans to shift the emphasis to managing growth by tracking projects, costs and inventory. He also believes that by exposing trends, NetSuite insulates Atlanta Business Circulators from future recessions.


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