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ATS Gestión Documental focused on personalised solutions in document management, file custody and comprehensive consulting, operates under the name of ATS since 2009, and provides safe, reliable and accessible spaces for its clients to access their information. Proud of its stability and very low turnover, ATS ensures that technology is the differential factor of any industry.


ATS Gestion Documental


Funsa, Cundinamarca






Client/Server solution development (Previous RM/Cobol, FoxPro)


SAP, OnBase

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite Mid-Market Cloud Service
NetSuite SuiteCommerce
NetSuite SuiteAnalytics
NetSuite OneWorld - Mid Market Edition
NetSuite Self-Service Support


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“When we started with NetSuite, we had 30 customers and today, we have more than 100. Technology is vital to structure and growth of any business.” Jorge Segura, CEO, ATS Gestion Documental

Integration, Security and Technology

Growing with your customers
The growth of ATS has skyrocketed since 2012 when they received one of the largest clients in its history, and that thereafter became 60% of its operation. Leveraged on this success, new customers and businesses arrived in different markets.
Integration in a secure way
ATS required a safe solution due to the critical nature of guarding data for their customers, and at the same time flexible that could be integrated with the platforms with which its customers operate, as well as allowing greater centralisation of processes. SuiteGD works under NetSuite, it is the personalised web portal for their core business.
A custom suite
In 2015, a process was initiated that allowed the technological integration of the entire company, starting with the CRM and subsequently the ERP. On these pillars, customised solutions were created, which currently cover 100% of the operation they have with NetSuite.
Increasing the value offer
ATS seeks to improve its services more and more and offer new products that complement its value offer, all with security as the main axis of development. In the short term, they hope to launch a mobile application that will be available in 2022 so that their clients can access their documents more quickly.


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