Energy Research Firm Cadeo Group Boosts Client Success and Environmental Impact With NetSuite OpenAir

Cadeo Group is an energy-focused research firm dedicated to supporting clients in building a more sustainable future. The company helps clients better calibrate their market intervention activities for reducing energy consumption. Cadeo Group also conducts energy-efficiency program evaluations, market characterisations and technology assessments. Cadeo Group works with utilities, federal institutions and nonprofits to tackle pressing energy consumption challenges.

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“OpenAir’s invoice process saves us a lot of time, effort and heartache.” Elizabeth Daykin, COO, Cadeo Group

Creating a Superior Project Management System

High demand for energy expertise
Started in 2013, Cadeo Group has expanded from a single founder to 43 team members. The company offers technical, analytical and creative support to advance energy efficiency and distributed resources from its offices in Washington, D.C., Portland and Seattle.
Project management challenges
Cadeo Group used Harvest for time tracking and a fleet of Excel workbooks to manage client projects. As the company expanded, invoice requirements like multi-year rate plans led to complex workarounds, staffing worksheets broke down under increased headcount and poor budgeting tools led to lack of visibility at the task level.
The NetSuite OpenAir advantage
Cadeo Group implemented NetSuite OpenAir, allowing the team to build invoice templates that are easy to edit and attach project management reports. Cadeo Group also creates more accurate project budgets and achieves better staffing plans to support hiring needs and workload distribution. Finally, the company simplified complex operational processes and reduced work demands by half of a full-time employee.
Ready for the future
Cadeo Group remains focused on maturing as a business. OpenAir will play a role in that evolution, enhancing the company’s budget reporting capabilities, stabilising operations through an interconnected system and providing data insights to bring more efficiency to the company’s project management process.


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