Digital Education Company Gives NetSuite High Marks After Double-Digit Growth

Capabilia is a Spanish-language online education company founded in 2016 and based in Costa Rica and Argentina. It works with both companies and universities to design and deliver learning experiences, with a mission to narrow workplace skills gaps and provide up-to-date university courses in a fast-changing job market. Capabilia co-creates learning programs with clients, hosts the content on its own cloud-based platform and handles academic operations like enrollment.





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NetSuite ERP



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“NetSuite helps us maintain a very efficient staffing structure. We are confident that NetSuite keeps up with our growth. Also, we can have reliable, real-time reporting for our staff and our investors.” Martín Sola, CEO, Capabilia

Delivering Knowledge to More Students, Faster

Experiences for the new era of learning
Capabilia has developed more than 400 courses for clients in 136 countries, delivering its content to over 30,000 participants. The business has seen double-digit growth in both users and revenue in recent years, partly due to pandemic-driven technology adoption.
A system that makes the grade
Capabilia previously ran on SAP Business One. As its international customer count increased, leadership determined it needed an ERP system with stronger compliance capabilities, data integrity, customer support and ability to scale. The team decided on NetSuite ERP, implementing the solution in under three months.
NetSuite gets high marks
Capabilia uses NetSuite for accounting processes like payment authorisation, managing sales and cash receipts, invoicing and purchase order tracking. The team easily generates real-time reports on areas like cash flow, sales, suppliers and its operating cycle. In the past, these types of reports took twice as long or weren’t run at all. Capabilia also uses NetSuite to save time by automating user registration, billing and collections.
Graduating to the next level of growth
Capabilia can easily pull statistics on its impressive company performance from NetSuite when working with investors, helping it secure funding for continued growth. The company plans to keep using NetSuite to operate at peak efficiency even as it extends its platform to more customers and continues to see double-digit growth.


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