Chicago Music Exchange Brings 3 Ecommerce Channels and 15,000 SKUs Into Perfect Harmony With ERP

Since 1990, Chicago Music Exchange has served as a premier destination for musicians in the Windy City and across the world. CME’s brick-and-mortar location and ecommerce site boast an impressive selection of new and vintage guitars along with basses, amps and more. Guitar enthusiasts especially trust the retailer, which caters to advanced musicians and puts a premium on customer feedback.

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“NetSuite has enabled us to look at metrics that we couldn’t see before.” Tom Galvin, System Administrator, Chicago Music Exchange

Music Retailer Hits the Right Notes With ERP

A stage set for success
In addition to its store, ecommerce site and app, CME sells on Amazon and music marketplace Reverb. Its 15,000 SKUs include exclusive instruments developed with industry heavyweights like Ludwig and Gibson—a product niche which generates some $14 million annually on its own.
Broken strings in inventory
As CME’s product portfolio expanded, navigating its 20,000-square-foot warehouse from memory became a challenge for employees picking orders. Manually verifying picking slips meant the team was frequently missing items or shipping the wrong ones. It handled ecommerce listings manually too, burning precious time as a growing company.
Processes in perfect harmony
CME replaced QuickBooks and Lightspeed with NetSuite ERP. Employees now scan inventory into warehouse bins, and an integration with RF-SMART automatically records data in NetSuite. The system directs employees to an item’s bin when picking and requires them to scan items out, which has boosted inventory accuracy.
Amping up automation
CME has also automated much of ecommerce operations. For example, inventory availability automatically reflects on Reverb via NetSuite Connector. Meanwhile, tracking items’ popularity according to custom attributes and running automated Inventory Valuation reports in NetSuite makes for more profitable purchasing decisions. To fuel future improvements, CME will further explore the product trainings in NetSuite Learning Cloud Support.

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