Building Material Distributor Trades Acumatica for NetSuite, Saving 30 Hours a Week on Reporting

Delgado Stone(opens in new tab) manufactures natural stone veneer and landscape materials for use in homes and commercial building projects. Committed to quality, Delgado Stone owns a stone quarry and sources 95% of its all-natural materials within 150 miles of its two production facilities in Connecticut. The company distributes its products through 100 authorised dealers in 24 U.S. states, as well as Canada.


Delgado Stone Distributors


Brookfield, CT




$10-$15 million


50 to 99

Number of Countries


Number of Subsidiaries


System Replaced


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“NetSuite gives us access to data that’s going to fuel growth and allow us to make better decisions. Now, our controller can focus on that instead of spending 30 hours a week building individual reports for our sales team.” Mike Wolfe, CEO, Delgado Stone Distributors

Delgado Stone Finds an ERP System That Scales

Acumatica can’t go the distance
While Delgado Stone was running on Acumatica, teams found it difficult to create, run, and drill down into reports. Salespeople working on the road were constantly asking the finance team for custom reports, which became downright disruptive. And for Delgado Stone, communicating with Acumatica required going through a value-added reseller, resulting in lost time.
An ERP system for the long haul
Leadership began the search for a new ERP—one that Delgado Stone could use forever, without having to switch systems again. They chose NetSuite ERP off of a shortlist that included SAP and Abas ERP, in part due to the NetSuite sales team’s clear communication and follow-through. Whereas Acumatica required heavy customisation, NetSuite ERP made an impact right out of the box.
Automated reporting saves time
Delgado Stone’s sales team uses NetSuite’s role-based dashboards to get the customer information they need while on the road. This saves the controller about 30 hours per week, which they use to analyse sales data versus just delivering it. With automated NetSuite reports, the Delgado Stone team can also create project cost estimates about 50% faster.
Added functionality, support, and capacity to scale
Delgado Stone also started tracking inventory in NetSuite Inventory Management instead of spreadsheets, eliminating the risk of inaccurate stock counts. NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS) aids in fine-tuning the system based on changes in Delgado Stone’s operations—like when it recently changed banks—and NetSuite Learning Cloud Support (LCS) gets new employees up to speed with an extensive library of training resources. Now armed with a clear understanding of its performance and position in the market, Delgado Stone is ready to continue scaling, adding NetSuite functionality as needed along the way.

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