Elgato Picks NetSuite Over SAP to Integrate US, German Operations, Ensure Market Supremacy

Elgato CEO Markus Fest had a better view of business in San Francisco than in his own German backyard. NetSuite had powered the US-based operation of the developer of smart lifestyle and entertainment devices since 2002, but the Munich headquarters ran a legacy ERP system. Merging data manually from the two systems in Excel failed to provide a global, real-time view.





Munich, Germany




$40 million



Number of Users

20 (five additional in the US)

Number of Subsidiaries


Number of Countries



Legacy ERP

Other Solution Considered

SAP Business ByDesign

Netsuite Product Implemented

NetSuite OneWorld

Implementation Partner

Alta Via Consulting GmbH


Mannheim & Berlin, Germany

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“It’s nicely extensible. Anything we can foresee that we’d like to do we’re confident it can accomplish, because if NetSuite can’t do it, SuiteApps or a NetSuite partner can.” Elgato

Lack of Integration Impedes Decision-Making

Technology Vaults NetSuite Over SAP
Elgato considered SAP Business ByDesign, but decided against the software because (at the time) it was based on Microsoft Silverlight. Confident that NetSuite could meet German requirements and that its German partner Alta Via would lead a successful integration, Elgato implemented NetSuite in 2014.
Seamless Integration, Real-Time Global View
Integration between US and German operations is seamless, and the software is simple and beautiful to use. Elgato can see its total operation, and drill down into subsidiaries for details, all in real-time to accelerate decision-making.
NetSuite Scales, Meets High Standards
Elgato enjoyed its highest growth ever last year, which happened to be the first full year it used NetSuite globally. Bolstered by SuiteApps and strong partners like Alta Via, Elgato is confident NetSuite will help it continue to make great products.


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