Farmpal Empowers Indian Farmers to Reap the Financial Fruits of their Labour

Farmpal Techlogi’s mission is to empower farmers by connecting them to buyers directly using technology. The Indian company uses modern technology to create an end-to-end post-harvest supply chain. Its mobile app matches farmers to businesses like hotels, retailers and caterers in a matter of hours.

Farmpal Techlogi


Farmpal Techlogi




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“SuiteSuccess is our secret tool for engineering the success of Indian farmers with visibility into inventory and financials to help them sell better.” Karan Hon, Co-founder, Farmpal Techlogi

Bringing Farmers Closer to Customers

Simplifying the agriculture supply chain
Farmpal helps farmers by streamlining the agriculture supply chain. With visibility and quick access to inventory and financial data to drive end-to-end operations, it allows farmers to find buyers in 12 to 15 hours and ensures fast delivery without compromising produce quality.
Manual tracking limits growth
Managing inventory and financials with Microsoft Excel became a hassle as the business grew. It was difficult to handle the logistics of perishable products using spreadsheets. Farmpal also took up to 15 days to generate monthly sales reports.
Creating an insights-driven supply chain
Farmpal uses NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess solution to integrate financial and inventory data, gaining more insight into mission-critical operations. With real-time data access, it can better plan ahead, provide convenience to customers and accelerate payment cycles for farmers from one week to three days.
Sowing the seeds of empowerment
With SuiteSuccess, Farmpal has created fertile ground for more growth and farmer empowerment. It is exploring extending NetSuite to its logistics, HR, data analytics and transport operations to further support farmers through its digital supply chain.


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