Fink’s Jewelers Picks NetSuite Over Microsoft to Find Ultra-Efficient Inventory Management

Fink’s Jewelers has been providing fine jewelry and timepieces to customers in the Southeastern US for more than 90 years. The family-owned business operates 10 stores plus growing ecommerce and consignment businesses, and it offers custom design and repair services. With a focus on customer relationships and sourcing pieces that stand the test of time, Fink’s aims to become the destination jeweler of the Southeast.

Fink’s Jewelers


Fink’s Jewelers


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Other Solution Considered

Microsoft Dynamics

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“NetSuite has the cloud figured out. I looked at NetSuite and saw flexibility and potential.” Todd Stafford, VP of Information Systems, Fink’s Jewelers

A Four-Generation Gem Polishes Its Processes

Seeking a stable investment
Fink’s has grown its revenue 60-70% over the past two years, partly thanks to a pandemic-fueled rise in discretionary spending on hard goods. Around the same time its growth spurt began, Fink’s was closing out two rough years on an ERP system from Mi9 Retail, which left it seeking a well-resourced vendor with a stable, cloud-based ERP.
Putting a ring on it
Fink’s evaluated two major players in the ERP field: Microsoft and NetSuite. It quickly discovered that Microsoft Dynamics wouldn’t readily support some of its specific processes, like creating and printing the tiny tags common among jewelers. Fink’s chose NetSuite ERP and a partner from the SuiteCloud Developer Network that developed an easy solution to the tagging conundrum.
Inventory automation saves precious time
Fink’s automated processes across the board, most significantly in inventory. For example, the team no longer spends two or three days manually adding items into its database when watch vendors release new product lines. Now, NetSuite automatically processes spreadsheets sent from distributors, trimming the process to a matter of hours.
A glittering future
Fink’s is now ready to up its ERP use, forging even stronger customer relationships with NetSuite's CRM capabilities. Plans also include fine-tuning inventory management and smoothing the integration between its ecommerce site and ERP. Finally, the team will bring business intelligence in-house, customising NetSuite to glean more insight into vendor performance, top-selling items and more.

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