Fulton & Roark Connects Mission-Critical Inventory Processes to Accounting Data

Fulton & Roark is a men’s grooming products company built to provide products that consider the details of modern life. Co-founders Kevin Keller and Allen Shafer were inspired to start the company after witnessing a surge in demand for men’s personal care products in the past ten years. The company sells a range of thoughtfully creative products with features like shatterproof packaging, wax-based fragrances and carry-on size containers to consumers and retail outlets.


Fulton & Roark


Winston-Salem, N.C.


Health & Beauty, Retail, Wholesale/Distribution






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“With NetSuite, we can more confidently approach large accounts. We have better visibility into our own margins and inventory, which is enabling our ecommerce business to take off.” Allen Shafer, Co-founder, Fulton & Roark

Inventory Management Creates Complexity

Beginning with simple business systems
Initially, the company tracked data like inventory and financials through a handful of easily accessible tools. Inventory lived in a spreadsheet while financial data was housed in desktop accounting software. These workflows were manageable at the outset, but as the business doubled sales year-over-year, the limitations became clear.
Disconnected inventory wreaks havoc
Spreadsheets were unable to account for changing inventory costs while Fulton & Roark’s desktop accounting software also didn’t have the workflows to record the cost of goods sold (COGS). This introduced significant manual double data entry, resulting in little confidence in data accuracy.
Continued attempts lead to SuiteSuccess
As they grew, Keller and Shafer moved from the spreadsheet to an inventory management system and migrated to different accounting software but still didn’t get the closed-circuit connection they needed. The NetSuite SuiteSuccess package made it clear that they could replace three internal solutions with NetSuite.
Fast launch drives immediate gains
After a three-week launch, Keller and Shafer were able to catch a large number of bookkeeping errors related to inventory. They’ve since reduced their reliance on outside accountants and are now able to manage accounting tasks themselves, growing both unit and dollar volumes significantly with no extra headcount.


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