Global Food Solutions Leading the Charge to Provide Healthier Food to Schools

Global Food Solutions saw its opportunity a decade ago as the Obama administration was considering new regulations that would bring healthier food to schools. The young company jumped to meet the resulting demand for food options that were affordable, nutritious and sustainable, with a special focus on serving schools in economically disadvantaged urban areas. Today, it supplies food to more than 5,000 schools around the U.S.


Global Food Solutions


Hauppauge, N.Y.


Food and beverage
Industrial food service


QuickBooks, SAP, Zoho, JustFoodERP


QuickBooks, Excel, Zoho


NetSuite OneWorld
SuiteSuccess Wholesale Distribution Standard Edition


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“The NetSuite platform is something that can absolutely grow with us as we're growing our business.” Michael Levine, CEO, Global Food Solutions

In Pursuit of Scale

Capturing a new market
As Global Food Solutions established itself with school districts, it found itself in an enviable position: One district could buy 100,000 cases of a particular SKU, so rolling out more products meant doing so on a massive scale, and the company moved to capitalise on such opportunities.
Growth bring complexity
Global Food Solutions' growth presented monumental challenges: Adding school districts, products and manufacturing partners brought complexity, and the company's back-end systems were pushed beyond their capabilities. It needed a platform that could support its expanding business model.
Game-changing agility
Deploying NetSuite has been a game-changer for Global Food Solutions. The unified system has automated manual tasks and helped reduce order processes by 75%. With more complete data, customer inquiries that took up to 30 minutes are now handled in seconds.
Serving up more automation
Global Food Solutions is planning steps to further automate its workflow processes with NetSuite, from expanding on-demand forecasting capabilities to auto-generating purchase orders. It's also planning to integrate with NetSuite partner Tesorio to improve its management of cashflow and receivables.


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