Grape Solar Establishes Market Leadership, Foundation for Growth with NetSuite

When Grape Solar was launched in 2009, its founders had the vision to foresee demand for solar technology extended beyond the big commercial buyer. Selling solar products through the websites of major home improvement stores and online marketplaces allowed individual consumers, families and small to medium businesses to access the technology as well. Serving this unique market profitably and sustainably demanded best-in-class operations, and Grape Solar knew NetSuite was the right partner to accelerate its business goals.

Grape Solar


Grape Solar


Eugene, Ore.


Manufacturing and Wholesale distribution


NetSuite MidMarket Edition for Wholesale Distribution

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“Today, we cannot imagine how to do business anywhere if we didn’t have NetSuite.” Jackson Caruso, Project Executive, Grape Solar

From Zero to Solar Hero

Market leader in ecommerce solar
Grape Solar’s founder recalls his team of three jumping for joy upon entering their first order in NetSuite in 2009. Through cost savings on headcount achieved by NetSuite’s diverse capabilities, Grape Solar now manages more than 15,000 orders annually with a lean and powerful team, using NetSuite to automate end-to-end order to cash processes for partnerships with large stores like Home Depot, Costco and Amazon, as well as doing business across 20 countries.
Automation allows service focus
With automated operations, the team focuses on guiding nascent customers through solar purchases, fulfilling detailed requests for information as quickly as within a 24-hour period. NetSuite’s real-time data synchronization instantly monitors inventory, ordering and pricing activities, expediting Grape Solar’s quick turn quoting process while including matching opportunities with a limited pool of solar installers.
Foundation to grow sales channels
With solar still accounting for less than one percent of the electricity generated in the U.S., the market potential is huge. Grape Solar’s continuous growth in product mix and channels will reach a new height in the next few years, all the while confident that NetSuite will scale to empower these new opportunities.


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