Guzman y Gomez Takes Fresh Approach to Fast Casual

Since opening in Australia in 2006, the Mexican restaurant chain and franchise, Guzman y Gomez (GYG), has helped Australians embrace the burrito and pioneered a new fresh food option to the world of fast-casual restaurants. Initially founded after identifying a gap in the market, it has now expanded to four countries including Singapore, Japan and the U.S.

Guzman y Gomez


Guzman y Gomez


Australia, Japan, USA, Singapore




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“NetSuite gives us the ability to integrate all our systems, throughout the world, to give us accurate and up-to-date financial numbers that I need to really make the right decisions for my business.” Steven Marks, Founder/CEO, Guzman y Gomez

Burgeoning Burrito Business

Spicing up the industry
Guzman y Gomez combines authentic Mexican flavours with a fast-casual business model to offer a healthy, fresh food that reinvents what consumers consider “fast food.” Now with more than 140 stores and more than 4,500 employees, it maintains its focus that “it’s all about the food.”
Accounting for a growth spurt
As Guzman y Gomez expanded its owned and franchised restaurants across Australia, its MYOB accounting system struggled to keep up. The changing demands of the business required a robust system that could integrate all systems around the world to give leadership accurate and up-to-date financial data to make informed, strategic decisions.
Fast food, faster systems
In 2013, Guzman y Gomez implemented NetSuite OneWorld to manage the fast-paced nature of the business. Using prebuilt APIs, NetSuite consolidated millions of transactions and multiple business systems to reduce the complexity of managing a larger, diversified global business.
Delivering on a vision
With an integrated system, GYG has been able to make the right strategic business decisions that have taken it to new regions and growth. With confidence in the numbers, it can follow its vision and deliver the Guzman y Gomez experience.


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