HealthyPets Optimises Order Management and Demand Planning After Switch From SAP to NetSuite

HealthyPets has been helping furry and feathered friends get well and stay healthy since 1999. Through an extensive offering of prescription and non-prescription medications, HealthyPets makes it easy for pet owners to get supplies for their animals. With three retail stores and an online marketplace, the California-based company prides itself on cutting out distribution mark-ups to provide low prices.





Union City, Calif.






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Application Replaced


Other Solutions Considered

Microsoft Great Plains
Microsoft Dynamics


NetSuite ERP
NetSuite Advanced Customer Support
NetSuite Demand Planning

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“Having all customer information in one place and easily accessible without confusion is paramount—it adds to the customer experience.” Jesse Padilla, Vice President of Sales, HealthyPets

Healthy Growth, Healthy Pets

Prescription for success
HealthyPets has served over 1.5 million customers over the past several years, and it plans to double pharmacy operations in the coming years. The company averages 15,000 sales orders per month, distributing over 9,000 private-label and vendor SKUs. This expansive offering gives pet owners a unique one-stop shop for all their animals’ needs.
Keeping up with demand
When HealthyPets’ original business system sunsetted, it leveled up to an SAP ERP system. Then the pandemic hit, sending sales soaring as customers stocked up on pet supplies. As HealthyPets struggled to track orders, presriptions and relay that information, some 900 customers rang the call centre every day looking for answers. Google reviews, a critical metric for HealthyPets, went south.
Putting customers first
HealthyPets switched to NetSuite ERP in what Jesse Padilla, vice president of sales, called “a vastly different implementation experience.” Working with NetSuite Advanced Customer Support (ACS), HealthyPets integrated its systems with NetSuite to easily intake orders, verify prescription purchases with veterinarians and quickly ship to customers. Customers get order updates before having to ask, reducing customer service calls by 60% and contributing to 120,000 majority five-star online reviews.
Purchasing power
HealthyPets is now using manufacturing requirements planning functionality within NetSuite Demand Planning to forecast inventory needs—the company wants to keep a minimum one-month supply, but no more than three months’ worth, on hand at all times—and automatically generate purchase orders. Padilla estimates this will free up his purchasing team to focus on working with HealthyPets’ 500 vendors to further grow the business.


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