Maximising Efficiencies and Expanding Business

As a satisfied NetSuite customer for more than a decade, Ideate continues to reap the benefits of the NetSuite Business Cloud—a journey that now includes expanding from its backbone business as an Autodesk reseller, to developing and selling its own software globally. NetSuite’s flexibility, integration capabilities and ease of use solidified it as the modern business platform of choice for this next phase of growth.

Ideate, Inc.


Ideate, Inc.


San Francisco, Calif.




$24 million



Number of USERS


Systems Replaced

QuickBooks, GoldMine, Sage BusinessWorks

Netsuite Product Implemented


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“As we continue innovating around our business model, we never have to worry about whether we have the right systems in place to execute. The NetSuite Business Cloud does everything that we need.” Ethan Collins, Ideate Director of Operations

Customer Enhancements Streamline Internal Operations
The 2014 Autodesk Reseller of the Year continues to streamline operations by implementing creative customer-facing improvements within NetSuite. Customers can now renew subscriptions in the same portal they use for support, and special rebates from Autodesk are embedded in Ideate invoices.
Explosive Growth Without Additional Overhead
With NetSuite providing real-time insights and efficiency, Ideate grew its customer base and revenue by more than 300 percent, tripled its products and expanded to the East Coast and London—without adding a single employee to its back office staff of five.
Industry Dominance Yields New Opportunities
With solid processes in place and dominating its primary business, Ideate confidently launched a new one—developing its own software. From creating custom record types and forms, to integrating leads from its website and web services, NetSuite scaled to support Ideate’s new chapter.


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