Kenway Builds Thriving Consultancy Based on Guiding Principles

Founded in Chicago in 2004, Kenway Consulting has built a thriving management and technology consulting company focusing on its why of “To Help and Be Helped” and devoting the right skills to clients at the right time, in the right volume for the right duration. No overstaffing, no understaffing. Its core capabilites cover: Information Insight, Technology Solution Delivery and Enterprise Program Leadership.


Kenway Consulting


Chicago, Ill.






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NetSuite CRM

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“NetSuite CRM is amazing in how configurable it is and how you can adapt it to your needs.” Sarah Welch, Strategy, Planning and Operations Lead, Kenway Consulting

CRM, PSA Give Complete Services Insight

A commitment to client success
Established by Brian King, a former Big 5 consultant, uncomfortable with some of the practices at his prior firm, Kenway fueled its growth through unwavering adoption of guiding principles, focused on a commitment to doing what is right for the client, even turning down projects when it felt the client was asking for services that were not in their best interest.
Navigating a web of software solutions
As it grew, Kenway created a tangled web of solutions to support its processes. Time and expense reporting was first done in spreadsheets, then a custom developed tool. Forecasting was in spreadsheets. CRM was in SharePoint, then Zoho. Kenway then attempted to move all functionality to Vorex and then KeyedIn.
NetSuite over, Workday
To better manage business development, forecasting and resource management, the company implemented NetSuite for CRM and OpenAir for PSA over and Workday. Planning for staffing improved from two weeks out to two months out, projects were staffed more optimally, more profitably and budgets were used more effectively, leading to increased revenue.
Automation fuels insights
With NetSuite and OpenAir, consultants spend less time on manual activities and more on revenue-driving work. Kenway is focused on gaining additional insights and is integrating its data warehouse though NetSuite’s API to identify staffing trends, profitability by client and to become more predictive with pipeline management.


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