Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC. Redesigns its Business for Growth

Started by a husband and wife team nearly 30 years ago, Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC. has since grown to become one of the largest distributors of kitchen cabinets in the southeastern United States. Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC. has maintained substantial growth through various housing cycles. In recent years, it has expanded to three locations in Florida, supplying as many as 700 job sites a month, providing design and installation services for national and regional builders and residental customers.

Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC.


Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC.


Coral Springs, Fla.


Wholesale Distribution








NetSuite SuiteSuccess for Wholesale Distribution


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“The way we’ve been able to customize NetSuite and integrate it into our internal and field operations, it has become a significant part of our secret sauce along with our outstanding employees and valued customers. All of these ingredients will help fuel our business growth.” Rick Cuseo, Vice President of Finance, Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC.

SuiteSuccess Streamlines Distributors Operations

Pen to spreadsheet to ERP
In 2014, the company was acquired by new ownership. Their mission for business growth was limited by underlying software systems and the complexity of the business. QuickBooks, Excel spreadsheets and pen-and-paper processes were a tough match for a business driven almost entirely by special orders.
Real-time visibility and customization
Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC. selected NetSuite to help it track orders, inventory, finances, operations and to provide reporting. Its flexibility allows Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC. to customize it for business-specific workflows across processes like product selection and order entry as well as creating industry-specific data fields.
Central repository for inventory, financials and designs
SuiteSuccess for Wholesale Distribution gives Kitchen Art of South Florida, LLC. a central data repository including kitchen designs. Project managers in charge of up to 75 different jobs can access all the information they need from their iPads, creating significant efficiencies as they travel to different sites and eliminating manual errors.


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