Mack’s Prairie Wings Supports Omnichannel Business with Unified Cloud Commerce Platform

Mack’s Prairie Wings has experienced tremendous growth over the past 70 years with several expansions of its brick-and-mortar store, the addition of mail-order catalogs and an ecommerce site. But after running on legacy, on-premise systems and an outsourced ecommerce service, the retailer of waterfowl gear was ready to modernise its IT platform to support its next chapter and take customer experience to the next level. The company is now running NetSuite’s unified cloud commerce platform to streamline business operations and deliver exceptional brand experiences.


Mack’s Prairie Wings


Stuttgart, Ark.





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“To go-live in less than four months across the entire business with KPIs and retail roles built in meant minimal disruption and has given us the foundation to continue to expand.” Eric Chin, Chief Operating Officer, Mack’s Prairie Wings

Business Soars in the Cloud

SuiteSuccess delivers in 120 days
Utilizing NetSuite’s SuiteSuccess customer engagement methodology, Mack’s Prairie Wings revamped its entire IT infrastructure in just 120 days, implementing ERP, CRM, ecommerce, POS, inventory and order management and marketing automation. With SuiteSuccess, Mack’s Prairie Wings is able to take advantage of NetSuite’s retail domain knowledge and experience from thousands of retail deployments to gain faster time to value, increased ROI and greater long-term customer success.
Modern omnichannel experience
No longer does Mack’s Prairie Wings need to rely on web developers to update its website. With SuiteCommerce Advanced, it is easy for their staff of category experts to update product pages so customers are getting accurate, relevant information to help make informed purchases. The new POS system, SuiteCommerce InStore, provides a mobile solution to check out shoppers on the store floor, keeping lines short and customers happy during seasonal peaks.
Seamless inventory management
Managing over 55,000 SKUs used to be a problem with the old system, but now with a single source of inventory data, the company has real-time visibility into inventory across the store and warehouse. This information helps keep the shelves full by enabling staff to transfer inventory quickly and easily when needed.


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