Madras Diabetes Research Foundation Combats Diabetes in India

India has the second-largest number of people with diabetes, with 77 million diabetics residing there in 2019. To combat this issue, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation (MDRF) aims to provide a world-class environment for research in diabetes and its complications. The Chennai-based nonprofit has also been offering diabetology-related academic and internship programmes, and subsidised treatments through its hospital, charity and rural services arms since 1996.


Madras Diabetes Research Foundation


Chennai, India








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“NetSuite has been instrumental in helping us accelerate our mission of solving India’s diabetes problem. It enables us to keep track of our projects, give timely updates to the management and donors, and address compliance requirements effectively.” Jayashree Venkatakrishnan, ERP and Finance Administrator, Madras Diabetes Research Foundation

Simplifying Financial Management Across Multi-Entities

Success through collaborations and funding
MDRF built up its strengths in basic, clinical and epidemiological research in a short time by collaborating with several national and international centres. It also managed to set up state-of-the-art facilities and expand its activities, thanks to funding from private donors and the government.
Manual processes prevent timely reporting
MDRF used to manually enter its vendor, funding and grant data from accounting software Tally and paper forms into Excel sheets. With data kept in silos, MDRF found it challenging to generate cross-entity financial reports and tax reports on-demand.
One platform to rule them all
MDRF implemented NetSuite and can view its financial performance across the four entities in real-time and generate reports for its board, donors and auditors within hours. This improved productivity by 85% and saved MDRF from hiring four additional accountants as the organisation grew.
Greater transparency to drive additional funding
MDRF is in the midst of deploying NetSuite for constituent relationship management and grant management. By having an auditable platform and visibility into the grant lifecycle, MDRF can improve its financial accountability and secure more funding to fuel future activities.

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