Shanghai Tang Weaves Integrated Solutions into its Business Fabric

Hailed as China’s first global luxury brand, Shanghai Tang was established in 1994 as a bespoke atelier that focuses on rich Shanghainese tailoring. Amid a change in ownership in 2018, the Chinese fashion brand had three months to rebuild an entire ecosystem of business applications and deploy a new ERP software system, without any huge IT investments, to power its business.


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“NetSuite enables us to make data-driven decisions which grow our business delivering the best possible service to the customer, all without costly IT investments” Riccardo Mastellone, Head of Digital, Ecommerce & ICT, Shanghai Tang

Seamless Integration for Business Success

Improving mode of operations
In order to realise its mission of being a global curator of modern Chinese chic, Shanghai Tang needed efficient end-to-end operations and a centralised platform to enable the delivery of high-quality apparel and customer experiences throughout its network of boutiques across different countries.
Poorly integrated systems hindered growth
As its existent business apps were not well-integrated, Shanghai Tang struggled to manage its operations efficiently as the business grew. Moreover, the retailer had three months to deploy a new ERP system due to a change in ownership.
Synchronizing operations for better visibility
Supported by Introv, Shanghai Tang streamlined its operations by integrating its ERP, accounting, CRM, POS and loyalty systems with NetSuite. This also enabled intuitive management of multiple subsidiaries across Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau and China, and offered real-time global business insights.
Future-proofing the business with data
By getting a comprehensive view of its customers with NetSuite, Shanghai Tang can now provide personalised promotions and enhance in-store experiences. Having accurate information of its operations also empowers the retailer to make informed decisions to realise its growth potential.


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