University of Oregon Duck Store Takes Flight

As the bookstore for the University of Oregon, The Duck Store sells everything from textbooks to hoodies to art supplies at its 13 locations and online. The Duck Store relied on separate systems for textbook sales and general merchandise sales with a third solution to support ecommerce. To maintain accurate inventory with these siloed systems, an employee had to manually upload online orders into the ERP and in-store sales into the ecommerce platform every day.

The Duck Store


The Duck Store


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MBS Textbook Exchange ERP/POS, Volusion Ecommerce, Listrak Email Marketing


Inventory Management
NetSuite ERP
NetSuite SuiteCommerce Advanced
NetSuite POS
Bronto Email Marketing

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NetSuite Professional Services

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“Being able to fulfill orders more quickly because of better inventory management is allowing us to stay competitive with the Amazons of the world.” Alex Lyons, CIO, The Duck Store

One Unified Solution

Conquering textbook complexities
The Duck Store first consolidated financials, ecommerce, point-of-sale and email marketing on NetSuite’s unified cloud suite for the general merchandise side of its business. It then rolled up textbook sourcing, sales and returns of new and used books, rentals, digital books and access codes into NetSuite. Instead of a jumble of disparate systems, today the entire business runs on a single platform.
Winning game day
A single source of real-time inventory visibility is crucial on football game days because The Duck Store can pull reports mid-game and replenish products before fans head home to avoid stock-outs. The Duck Store can build detailed reports in minutes that previously took days, providing the insights that allowed it to double inventory turns.
Opening up online sales
Online shoppers previously had to maintain separate carts for textbooks and general merchandise, but now use one unified cart. With a better customer experience, average online order value has increased 30 percent and single-page bounce rate dropped 25 percent. The bookstore will soon offer same-day pick-up for online orders placed by noon.


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