SuiteBuilder encompasses all the point and click customisation that is available through the UI. It allows customisation and personalisation of your NetSuite application without requiring you to write any code.

SuiteBuilder Features

  • Dashboard Personalisation — Now every user gets their very own software. From key performance indicators to performance snapshots, trend graphs, job reminders, and report and transaction shortcuts, each person in your company gets the tools they need for highest productivity.
  • Company and Process Configuration — SuiteBuilder lets you set up NetSuite to your company and industry requirements.
  • Customise Data Relationships and User Interface — Fundamentally alter NetSuite's Web-native, on-demand products with the addition of database tables via Custom Records. Custom Records can stand-alone or easily tie in with standard objects such as customers or items in data relationships ranging from one-to-one, one-to-many, to many-to-many.
  • SuiteBuilder tools include:
    • Color Themes
    • Record Re-naming
    • Custom Roles
    • Custom lists
    • Custom Fields
    • Custom Forms
    • Custom Sub-tabs
    • Custom Records/Objects
    • Custom Tabs
    • Custom Centers

Supported Records and Operations
For detailed technical information, see the SuiteBuilder Guide in the NetSuite Help Center.