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NetSuite creates complete end-to-end ecommerce and business solution to support growth of eBay power sellers

Integration Opens New eBay Channel to NetSuite E-Tailers, Distributors, Manufacturers and Retailers

SAN MATEO, Calif.—February 15, 2007—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business management software, today announced the ability to manage online sales with eBay from within the NetSuite® on-demand business management suite, providing millions of businesses a complete solution to sell items on eBay while seamlessly using NetSuite to run and manage all of their business processes.

The NetSuite eBay integration allows sellers to sell on eBay as easily as they do on their own Web sites or with their internal sales teams. Additionally, it also offers powerful capabilities for users to manage all business operations such as inventory, warehouse management, accounting, direct sales, telesales, keyword marketing, e-mail marketing and site hosting. For more information about the NetSuite solution with eBay listing management capabilities, please visit

The NetSuite solution delivers powerful functionality integrated with eBay to address the needs of growing online businesses, including the ability to:

  • Push products to and eBay Stores directly from the NetSuite product catalogue with the appropriate listing categorisations and pricing (Starting, Reserve and Buy It Now) to maximise visibility and placement.
  • Initiate Chinese or Dutch auction-style listings while specifying scheduling, duration, promotions and much more.
  • View all live listings within NetSuite including details on how the bidding is progressing and when the listing is set to close.
  • Receive orders from eBay buyers automatically once the listing closes and a sale takes place — this automatic import creates both a customer record within NetSuite along with a sales order which flows seamlessly through to the fulfilment and shipping processes.
  • Automatically lower an item's available inventory when it has been sold through eBay and update the customer's purchase history, permitting future upsell and cross-sell marketing campaigns to be targeted to that customer.

As eBay sellers grow from a home business to a small-to-midsized business, manual processes that sufficed during their inception can begin to hamper the quality of customer service that served to fuel their initial growth. Listings management, inventory management, fulfilment and personalized 24/7 customer service become increasingly important for a business to transition from "mom & pop" to "the sky's the limit." With the new NetSuite solution, these key business processes are automated and streamlined, allowing eBay businesses to grow sales faster without corresponding growth in costs and company size.

For already established e-tailers, distributors, manufacturers and retailers who have not yet begun utilizing eBay as a sales channel, the challenges include optimizing listings and listing management. The listing process takes time and knowledge of the market, and integrating their inventory and order management systems for fulfilment manually is often difficult and time consuming.

The NetSuite solution with eBay sales management capabilities is designed to address these challenges, opening up a whole new avenue of doing business. Established businesses can use the same product catalogue for eBay as they do in other areas of their operations, such as direct sales or telesales. For instance, distributors selling in a B2B model can now list excess inventory on eBay and open up a new B2C sales channel. eBay listings are managed centrally in NetSuite with easy-to-use interfaces that eliminate duplicate data entry. In addition, orders resulting from eBay sales flow seamlessly back into NetSuite for processing and shipment through built-in UPS and FedEx shipping tools.

"NetSuite is an ideal business management platform for sellers to efficiently manage their businesses," said Max Mancini, Senior Director, Platform and Innovation for eBay. "By using eBay Web Services to offer listing management capabilities from within the NetSuite solution, NetSuite is able to deliver a great value to small and medium-size businesses that want to list on eBay, offering them a complete solution to help them grow their online businesses."

"The synergy of the eBay marketplace and NetSuite's on-demand business management solution, especially with NetSuite's ERP capabilities, supports an online merchants' entire business operation," said Dean Mansfield, President of Worldwide Operations for NetSuite. "With such a complete solution, merchants do not need to spend time and money to tie different software applications together to run their online business; one solution from NetSuite does it all."

As a member of the eBay Developers Program, NetSuite is able to tap into eBay's rich set of Web services to create new solutions for eBay's community of 222 million buyers and sellers.

Pricing and Availability: The NetSuite eBay integration is available in the US immediately as an add-on module for both NetSuite Small Business and NetSuite, starting at $99 per month.


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