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NetLedger delivers advanced partner self-service capabilities to facilitate comoplete reseller management

SAN MATEO, CA, and CHICAGO, IL,—February 20, 2003—NetLedger, Inc., makers of Oracle® Small Business Suite, today announced Advanced Partner Center, a unique module designed for small to mid-sized businesses using partners in their selling process. The Advanced Partner Center gives businesses unprecedented power to address the challenges of partner relationship management (PRM). The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

Most companies, regardless of industry, depend on partners to help market, sell, distribute and support their products. While some companies have stand-alone systems to manage partners, they have the significant drawback of being information silos so neither the company, the partner nor the customer have a complete picture of the business relationship. By building the Advanced Partner Center into NetSuite, which already has the advantage of CRM and ERP data in one system, everyone involved has real-time access to the information they need. Selling partners are treated as an extension of the company they are representing - they can access leads, they can place orders, they can find what is in stock, and they can check support cases of their clients all simply by logging on to the Web.

The companies that extend NetSuite's PRM capabilities to their partners also benefit greatly. They get greater visibility into partner pipelines and forecasts because the opportunities are managed directly in the system. They eliminate redundant day-to-day partner support as partners can now access much of what they need to know simply by logging into the system. They can determine the effectiveness of joint marketing campaigns. And best of all, the company providing the partner access doesn't have to do anything special to enable this access. There's no complex data to be imported or exported, no tricky XML web services to be written. All that's required is using a simple point and click GUI to define what data and application functionality a specific partner has rights to view and edit, and the partners are on-line leveraging all the advanced CRM and ERP functions integrated in NetSuite.

"Building customer relationship management systems for companies that directly manage their customer relationships is a straightforward, well defined process. However, creating CRM solutions for the millions of companies that use third-parties to reach end-customers is significantly more complex," said Zach Nelson, president of NetLedger. "NetSuite's unique architecture allows companies for the first time to extend the same functionality that they give to their internal sales, support and service staff to the third-parties who are representing them in the market.

The Advanced Partner Center has deep functionality that allows businesses to truly involve their partners in their selling process, including:

  • Visibility into the sales forecast from resellers with joint opportunity management

  • Streamlined order and inventory management by providing real-time access to distribution partners

  • Increased sales through resellers via promotional discounts and marketing campaigns

  • Improved customer management by sharing access to cases and contact history with partners

  • Increased partner knowledge by sharing sales and product information via publishing

  • Ability to protect confidential information using multiple permission levels and flexible Customisation

Pricing and Availability

Available immediately, Advanced Partner Center is offered at $50 per partner, per month. New subscribers can access NetLedger's application services for as little as $50 per user, per month.


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