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NetSuite powers business and ecommerce success for GoPro, InkJetSuperStore and Ultimate Office

ETAIL WEST, PALM DESERT, Calif.—February 29, 2012—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced the latest companies finding business and Ecommerce success through running their end-to-end business processes on NetSuite. Rather than burdening their business with high costs and the challenges of integrating multiple systems that may not synchronize their Ecommerce, customer service, and ERP systems, GoPro, InkJetSuperStore, Ultimate Office, GameWear and Niner Bikes have joined thousands of companies that rely on NetSuite's world-class enterprise suite to increase sales, reduce costs, reach new markets and enhance customer loyalty. For more information about NetSuite customer success stories, please visit

On February 29, these companies and others will be featured during NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson's keynote address at the eTail West 2012 conference in Palm Desert, California. a seasoned multi-channel retail leader with previous stints at Williams-Sonoma and Smith & Hawken, will share the company's successful Ecommerce business strategy on stage with Mr. Nelson during the keynote.

NetSuite's cloud-based integrated commerce platform and business management suite allows merchants to run their key business-to-consumer and business-to-business commerce operations on one single platform efficiently and effectively. By leveraging the efficiencies of natively integrated CRM, order management and customer service, NetSuite customers are able to better serve consumers, operate more efficiently and can grow faster than their counterparts, while NetSuite's integrated approach and cloud delivery result in lower maintenance and implementation costs. Because the commerce platform is natively integrated with NetSuite's CRM, NetSuite is able to deliver truly customer-centric commerce: NetSuite's rich customer profile, including user data such as order history, ratings and reviews and wish list content can be integrated with the product database to drive personalized selling experiences across any customer touch point. NetSuite's flexible storefront and interactive shopping features deliver the ability to create a differentiated shopping experience that highlights their brands, helps shoppers quickly find the products they are looking for and creates an emotional connection between the shopper and a product regardless of whether they are shopping on a traditional computer, tablets or smartphone.

"Success in the commerce business can be a double-edged sword. As companies continue to develop new sales channels, the level of complexity begins to compound and companies quickly realise they are spending more time managing the integrations between their systems than they are creating a unique and cohesive shopping experience," said Andy Lloyd, General Manager of Ecommerce, NetSuite. "Unlike Ecommerce systems that treat the online store as a standalone channel, NetSuite's integrated commerce management platform supports the end-to-end customer and commerce relationship for retailers and branded manufacturers businesses so they can focus on their main objective, to sell more products."

Some of the companies that have chosen NetSuite for their end-to-end business management include:

GoPro (, based in Half Moon Bay, Calif. turned to NetSuite to ensure the ongoing success of the world's most versatile camera. GoPro's wearable and gear-mounted cameras and accessories are sold through mainstream and specialty retailers in over 40 countries, as well as direct to consumer, and business was experiencing significant growth year-over-year. This surge required GoPro to evaluate the health and scalability of its previous, fragmented business software, which was holding the company back from capitalizing off of their continued growth. Major retail and warehouse vendors wanted to carry GoPro's products but brought with them new requirements for speed and transparency. Meanwhile, GoPro's success attracted the interest of investors who brought along their own expectations for operational efficiency. NetSuite's flexible SuiteFlow capabilities gave GoPro the controls it needed to integrate the entire customer transaction cycle on a single platform, and reduced order management response times more than sixteen-fold. "Not only does NetSuite support our business growth, but it also benefits our investor relations, with its support for financial transparency, information accuracy, and regulatory compliance," said Stephen Baumer, GoPro CTO. "This is important because it takes investors, as well as customers, to maintain a high growth rate."

InkJetSuperStore ( of Los Angeles, Calif. selected NetSuite to bring order to its complex office supply business, which offers over 30,000 products. Because of the many relationships between different types of ink cartridges and printers, coupled with multiple lines of business, InkJetSuperStore needed a comprehensive business platform that could simplify the shopping experience for customers by enhancing search results, producing automated reminders to restock consumable items and notify customers when out-of-stock products are replenished. With NetSuite's world-class automation, InkJetSuperStore can meet the needs of over one half-million customers without compromising on service. "Everything in the organisation is structured around NetSuite and the NetSuite database, because we can't afford to work with 10 different programs and import data all day long," said Ilan Douek, InkJetSuperStore President. "NetSuite gives us a single dashboard for every step in our process, from adding items to the Web store to accepting returns."

Ultimate Office ( of Farmingdale, NJ chose NetSuite's Ecommerce solution to manage the complicated relaunch of its specialty office product business. After 50 years of service, Ultimate Office went dormant during the 2008 financial crisis and needed a powerful, flexible enterprise platform to manage its reintroduction into the office products market. Instead of returning to the on-premise software of its past, Ultimate Office invested in NetSuite to provide a world-class shopping experience for nearly 1,000 products in nearly limitless configurations, backed by peerless supply chain and customer management. NetSuite provides transparent integration with Ultimate Office's local 3PL partner, which manages all inventory, storage and shipping for the firm. These powerful links ensure that Ultimate Office can focus on its core missions of customer development and retention while still ensuring high-quality, timely service. With NetSuite, Ultimate Office was able to quickly grow its business back to a position of strength—so significant that in December 2011, Ultimate Office was named to the 2012 Best of the Web Hot 100 list by Internet Retailer. "NetSuite offered us knowledgeable sales and service staff who understood their product and our business and earned our trust very quickly," said Laurie Klesitz, Ultimate Office Customer Acquisition Planner. "The fully integrated NetSuite database enables us to understand both customer preference and also the source of every dollar generated by our Web store, both of which are crucial for a successful Ecommerce business."

GameWear, based in Hoboken, NJ, adopted NetSuite to cut delays out of its international sports business. With more than 3,500 unique items, 5,000 retail partners including most of America's professional sports venues, and an ever-expanding roster of products, GameWear's software struggled to keep up with the complexities of its rapidly growing business. These inefficiencies led to costly shipping delays and manufacturing lags that could last up to two months. Switching to NetSuite has allowed GameWear to better project future stock positions through detailed insight into manufacturing capacity and inventory. This has resulted in more efficient order processing and shipping, boosting customer satisfaction and leading to higher sales. "Using the NetSuite platform to run our business has significantly improved our strategic planning processes," said Ken Heissler, GameWear's chief operating officer. "We can now much more efficiently plan and forecast future orders, thereby improving the customer experience."

Niner Bikes ( of Torrance, Calif. needed a more mobile, agile business platform to keep pace with its innovative, high-end bicycle market. With employees in three countries, this explosive bicycle manufacturer wanted a solution that was built for real-time international business, and NetSuite fit the bill. With NetSuite, Niner Bikes saves over $120,000 per year in administrative and IT costs and enjoys accurate, real-time pipeline visibility into all sales and manufacturing activities. EDI links through the NetSuite platform to ensure that Niner Bikes' growing orders are fulfilled faster than ever, and the automated NetSuite inventory optimization feature ensures that the company's supply chain is well-positioned. Niner Bikes was recently cited on the Forbes "America's Most Promising Companies" list—something the company says would not have been possible without NetSuite. "I can be in a café in Italy and use my iPhone to see how sales are going, what shipments are on the water, which POs have been paid—and then go back to the trade show and talk about new composites for bicycle frames," said Chris Sugai, Niner Bikes CEO. "NetSuite is easy to use, but it also can take us to a $100,000,000 company without missing a beat."

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