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NetSuite Unveils SuiteScript™ First SAAS Platform for Business Process Customisation

SuiteScript Allows for Complex Customisation of Transactional Business Processes

Combination of Power, Ease of Use and Automatic Upgrade Migration Makes NetSuite Far More Customizable than Other Mid-Market Applications

SAN MATEO, Calif.—April 6, 2006—NetSuite, Inc., the leader in on-demand business software suites, today unveiled SuiteScript, a new platform and toolset that delivers unprecedented user-defined extensibility through robust, completely flexible business process Customisation. This new technology is built on industry standard JavaScript and introduces Customisation capabilities that allow complex processes with branching logic and time-based decision trees to be automated using scheduled SuiteScripts or user-event based SuiteScripts. SuiteScript delivers a unique tool set that encompasses everything needed to provide growing businesses across all industries with a flexible, powerful and extensible business management solution. For details about SuiteScript, please go to

NetSuite has been the leader in business process management through its integrated end-to-end process automation such as campaign-to-lead, lead-to-order, order-to-cash, order-to-delivery and procure-to-pay. In addition, with its new vertical editions designed for the software, wholesale/distribution and services industries, NetSuite has tailored these processes to the specific vertical needs. SuiteScript adds the final capability required to completely customise these horizontal and industry-specific business processes for the specific needs and corporate strategies of an individual customer.

SuiteScript is part of NetSuite's NetFlex Customisation and integration offering. Unveiled last year, NetFlex is a technology platform that delivers Customisation and extensibility to NetSuite solutions. The NetFlex platform consists of SOAP standards-based Web Services and the advanced Customisation capabilities of NetFlex AppBuilder, a tool set that allows entirely new applications to be built and hosted within NetSuite. All of NetFlex has been architected with not only flexibility in mind, but maintenance-free upgrades from one version to the next., allowing seamless upgrade of Customisations from one version of NetSuite to the next. With SuiteScript, NetFlex delivers a unique technology platform that encompasses everything needed to provide growing businesses across all industries with a flexible, powerful and extensible business management solution.

"One charge against on-demand applications has been their limited customizability. With SuiteScript, NetSuite explodes this myth by allowing complete Customisation of business processes using powerful, industry standard JavaScript," said Evan Goldberg, Chairman, Founder and CTO of NetSuite. "And unlike many on-premise applications, these Customisations require no maintenance from version to version, allowing customers and solution providers to concentrate on delivering finely tailored solutions to their users, rather than maintaining software upgrades."

SuiteScript provides Application Programmer Interfaces (APIs) to NetSuite objects or custom objects added by the customer, all of which are acted upon at the server level. SuiteScripts can be triggered by user events such as new records or changes to existing records, or be scheduled to run in batch mode. They can trigger NetSuite standard activities, create or modify data in the system, communicate with external data sources or even string together specific pages into a multi-step workflow process, complete with decision tree branching capabilities. As a result, time-based workflows and escalations such as drip-marketing based on orders and collections escalation can be automated.

  • Order-based Drip-Marketing — when a new order comes in, SuiteScript can be used to send a follow up email automatically based on the customer profile such as items purchased, business type, size of company, etc. Then a week later, a second touch email can be sent with content varied based on whether the order has been fulfilled and present a cross-sell offer based on items related to the one they've just received.
  • Collections Escalation — on a daily basis, outstanding invoices can be evaluated for their collection status. If the balance is more than 60 days outstanding, an email can be sent to the customer explaining that the payment is overdue and outlining the consequences of non-payment. If the balance is more than 90 days outstanding, then phone call records can be created for collections personnel to actively call the delinquent customers.

Using user-event based SuiteScripts, businesses can enforce quote discount approvals or order fulfilment with complex criteria and decision-making evaluated at each step.

  • Quote Discount Approval — when a sales rep enters a new quote, discounting approval rules can be triggered upon saving the quote. For instance, if the discount level is 15% or less, the quote can follow the normal process of being emailed or faxed to the customer for approval. However, if the discount level is between 15% and 30%, the sales manager can be notified via email that there is a quote to approve. And if the discount level is greater than 30%, approval from the sales VP and finance can be required and managed via email notifications at each step.
  • Order Fulfillment — when fulfilling orders, the fulfilment queue could be completely customised to fulfil or bill orders in batch but based on selective criteria. For instance, all orders for customers with a service level of "Gold" could be shipped ahead of orders for customers with a service level of "Silver." Or similarly, orders with high dollar values can be billed before those with lesser dollar values to maximise cash into the business.

As an added benefit of SuiteScript, custom code attached to a particular form can now act beyond the current record. For instance, from a sales order, the customer record can be checked for overdue payments, and a new order can only be place if that customer is in good standing.

Pricing and Availability
SuiteScript will be available as part of the upcoming Version 11.0 release of NetSuite solutions at no additional charge. Version 11.0 will be delivered to customers using NetSuite's patent-pending "phased release" process, starting in April 2006 and continuing through June 2006.