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NetSuite Announces NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition

Advanced ERP, CRM and Ecommerce Functionality Furthers NetSuite's Lead in On-Demand Business Management Applications for SMEs

LONDON, 29 APRIL 2004—NetSuite, Inc., makers of Oracle® Small Business Suite today announced the release of NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition, adding new functionality across all components of NetSuite including ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and Real-Time Dashboards. NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition marks a major step forward in NetSuite's lead in on-demand integrated business management for UK small and midsized enterprises (SMEs). Continuing the commitment to customer satisfaction, NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition also includes the fulfilment of over 250 enhancements specifically requested by customers. The company's products include NetSuite, NetCRM, NetERP and Oracle Small Business Suite. To find more information about NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition, please go to The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

With thousands of customers globally in the US, Europe, Africa and Asia, NetSuite is the leading provider of integrated online business application software for small and mid-sized businesses. NetSuite, Inc. was founded in 1998 by Oracle CEO and chairman Larry Ellison and his leading technology guru and current NetSuite CTO Evan Goldberg to bring the power of integrated application suites and low-cost utility computing to SMEs. The company's UK office is located in the Oracle campus in Reading, Berkshire (

NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition adds deep and rich functionality to every aspect of the product, including many features that are unique to the UK market. Significantly, with this release, product-based businesses such as wholesalers and distributors are able to take advantage of new advanced inventory management capabilities such as quantity-based pricing, multiple units of measure, serialised inventory and a host of other new features allowing them to take full advantage of the application's seamless order management and fulfilment capabilities for the first time. Additionally, NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition also adds powerful dashboard features including more than 20 key performance indicators (KPIs)—pre-configured, best practices metrics that instantly provide detailed views on the status of every aspect of a business.

NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition delivers many "first and only features" not offered by any other ASP in the UK. These first and only features focus on 5 areas: Real-Time Dashboards, ERP, CRM, Ecommerce and Customisation. The highlights include:

Real-Time Dashboard Features:

  • More than 20 new key performance indicators (KPIs), including comparatives, provide business analysis at a click of the mouse
  • Report snapshots highlight trends—weekly, monthly, quarterly—as well as top 5, 10, 15 performers
  • Patent-pending eXtreme List Editing turns the Dashboard into a workspace and brings Windows-like ease-of-use to a Web application

ERP Features:

  • Multi-location Inventory allows businesses operating in more than one location to track stock levels and associated purchase and sales transactions within a single NetSuite instance
  • Businesses that build, buy, sell or service products using serial numbers can now manage them with the new Serialised Inventory capabilities
  • For companies that offer volume-based discounts, NetSuite allows central management of Quantity-Based Pricing on items and automatic calculation of the appropriate price on sales orders according to the quantity being sold, in tandem with multi-currency handling
  • With Multiple Units of Measure capabilities, businesses can track separate units for purchase, stock levels and sales transaction and have NetSuite perform the appropriate calculations to ensure stock levels and pricing on purchase and sales transactions are correctly recorded
  • Matrix Item capabilities allow businesses to stock and sell their products in, for example, various color, size, and style combinations without the headache and clutter of managing line items to represent each valid combination in their product catalogue

CRM Features:

  • Automatic Term-Based Billing tied to quotes, invoices and commissions saves a normally labor-intensive process for companies offering service contract terms or recurring subscriptions
  • Customer information is of no use unless it can be searched, analyzed and used to drive business decisions and revenue-generating activities. NetSuite 9.5 includes several powerful customer mining and segmentation tools:
    • Advanced Expression Builder allows for creating complex criteria using search expressions of And, Or, and Not across any combination of fields
    • Target Group Creation Tools enable users to mine customer purchase, case, opportunity and transaction histories to create target groups, which can then be used to run up-sell and cross-sell campaigns
    • Analytics via Search provides an easy-to-use interface for quick, on-the-fly analysis of customer profiles, purchase histories and service logs using Saved Searches
  • Patent-pending, No Click E-mail Integration automatically captures e-mail replies, thereby eliminating the tedious process of manually moving e-mails from the e-mail system to the CRM system. This e-mail capture works with popular e-mail systems such as Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, Yahoo! Mail and America Online

Ecommerce Features:

  • Integration with UPS ensures that shipping rates are accurately calculated, tracking numbers are automatically generated, addresses are validated and shipping labels are printed—all from within NetSuite
  • NetSuite 9.5 can generate a dynamic Database-Driven Website automatically, hosting Web pages and drawing on inventory data, pricing data and other information held in the application

NetSuite Customisation Technology:
Shatters the myths about the customisation of on-demand products and solves a major problem of traditional application software by seamlessly carrying forward any customisations on upgrade.

  • Custom Records allow extension of the database structure of NetSuite, allowing businesses to support complex data relationships unique to their model and processes
  • Custom Code allows businesses to programmatically tailor business rules using industry standard JavaScript® rather than a constraining proprietary tool set, a restriction often found in traditional software products
  • Account Cloning allows solution providers to create vertical market templates that can then be cloned into live customer accounts, providing a NetSuite industry solution replicable to many customers within the targeted industry

"NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition delivers enhanced capabilities across all areas of the application, including ERP, CRM and ecommerce functionality making it suitable for an increasing number of SMEs in the UK," said Craig Sullivan, director of product management at NetSuite, Inc. "Instead of stand-alone software packages, SMEs can look to NetSuite to provide an easy-to-implement, flexible solution to manage their operations from lead, to sale, to cash, to support and even to ecommerce without upfront heavy IT costs."

Pricing and Availability

NetSuite 9.5 UK Edition is available now and there is no extra fee associated with the new release for current subscribers.

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