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Software Companies Standardize on NetSuite

Rejecting the Difficulties of Using Multiple, Disconnected Systems to Run their Business, Hundreds of Software Companies Choose to Run their Entire Business on NetSuite.

San Mateo, Calif.—May 18, 2004—NetSuite, Inc., today announced continued penetration of the software vertical market by signing up new customers, including San Mateo, CA-based Biz360® Inc. (replacing; Olympia, WA-based Retail Management Solutions (replacing MAS 90/Siebel OnDemand); Houston, TX-based Postmark DMS, LLC (replacing QuickBooks/Sales Cycle); and Bangkok, Thailand-based QTranslation (replacing accounting software). These new wins add to the more than 100 software companies around the world who have standardised on NetSuite. NetSuite and its customers are holding a Webinar on May 19 at 11:00 a.m. PT / 2:00 p.m. ET to discuss the benefits of managing their business with a single, integrated Web-based solution to manage software business processes using new Web-based technology. For more information, please go to NetSuite's product offerings include NetSuite, NetERP, NetCRM, and Oracle® Small Business Suite. The Oracle Small Business Suite name is used under license from Oracle Corporation (NASDAQ: ORCL).

One commonality these companies had prior to using NetSuite is that they all used disparate software applications to run their business – one for financials, one for sales, one for customer service and support, one for inventory management, one for marketing. Frustrated with the cost and complexity of using different software packages, these companies chose NetSuite as the one solution to automate their business operations from financials, to inventory management, to lead management, to sales and marketing. Additionally, NetSuite's advanced customisation technology gives them the ability to tailor NetSuite to meet their specific needs in the software industry. Also, because it is an on-demand, Web-based service, NetSuite eliminates the pain of managing, upgrading and maintaining traditional software.

Many features in NetSuite are tailor-made for the software industry including:

  • The NetSuite Customer Center allows customers to easily check account status information, including bill paying, checking for new product releases, and logging support cases.
  • The NetSuite Partner Center allows software companies to give third-party resellers the same functionality as they give internal sales reps. Leads can be distributed, forecasts can be updated, MDF can be tracked and used, and orders can be placed all through the NetSuite Partner Center.
  • NetSuite's customer service functionality is powerful as it easily integrates with third-party defect tracking products, allowing support personnel to identify and log newly discovered issues. As well, NetSuite allows customers to be updated quickly about the status of their reported issues and the target time for fixes. In a future release, a defect and issue tracking module will be included with NetSuite.
  • NetSuite Advanced Billing allows software companies to create unique billing schedules on a line item by line item basis; for instance, to bill for a software service on a monthly basis, but bill for consulting 100% up front. This billing schedule then automatically percolates throughout the rest of the system, bringing revenue into the forecast as appropriate as well as generating invoices automatically when they are due to be paid.
  • The NetSuite Dashboard contains multiple key performance indicators to allow software companies to monitor sales on a cash, bookings and billings basis in real-time.
  • NetSuite customisation allows NetSuite functionality to easily be extended to include capabilities like consulting job tracking so that consulting projects can be tracked and billed on the customer record.
  • Later this year, NetSuite will add revenue recognition, a key accounting feature for software companies.

NetSuite itself runs all back-office and front-office operations on the product, and more than 100 software companies currently use the product to manage everything from financials, to logistics management to CRM, to eCommerce. Recently added customers include:

Biz360 Inc. ( based in San Mateo, California, which provides Fortune 500 companies with real-time market intelligence, has standardised their business on NetSuite by replacing and Peachtree. Tamara Macduff, CFO of Biz360 said: "Using separate financial and CRM applications worked on a department level, but didn't give us the integrated view we really needed to understand our business. With NetSuite we will have everything in one place, and having a unified view of critical information will make all the difference."

Retail Management Solutions(, a provider of point-of-sale technology to the pharmacy industry based in Olympia, Washington previously used Peachtree and UpShot. They considered switching to MAS 90, but in the end they chose NetSuite. The clear reason is illustrated by CEO Brad Jones: "We have salespeople spread across North America, so having Web-based access to the same customer data has been our No. 1 requirement. We used Siebel OnDemand / UpShot for a year and a half, but it only had that one piece: SFA. On the ERP side I had used Peachtree and evaluated MAS 90 previously, but even that product could not do everything we needed. NetSuite has been all we had hoped for and more. From the Advanced Partner Center to the UPS integration to the marketing automation to the customisation capabilities, I haven't seen anything in the market that can compete with this."

Postmark DMS, LLC (, an industry leading marketing company offering superior technology, products, tools and expert services for workshops and seminars, based in Houston, Texas, previously used QuickBooks. "Postmark is experiencing rapid growth causing our business to need a flexible and effective system," said Roger Marksberry, Managing Partner, Postmark DMS. "Our goal was to find an integrated solution for accounting, financial planning, inventory management, CRM, customer care management, and employee productivity that could also become fully integrated with our own internal systems. NetSuite is the only system that can provide this level of sophistication for a business our size. Five months of operating experience has confirmed the NetSuite selection was a magnificent and profitable decision."

QTranslation (, a growing Southeast Asian translation services firm based in Bangkok, Thailand – with operations in the USA, UK, Sweden, Spain, Singapore and Australia – and serviced by NetSuite Australia distributor Net Return (, has given up for NetSuite's one solution. Conor Bracken, managing director of QTranslation commented: "We were frustrated with having our data in different systems –, our own custom-built database, and multiple accounting processes. Apart from all the time wasted in data re-entry, we could not see a full picture of the company's performance. We look forward to how NetSuite will help us keep all our data integrated in one, Web-based application."

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