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NetSuite ISV Partners Leverage NetSuite SaaS Developer Platform To Address Advanced Marketing Automation and Customer Service Needs of Mid-Market Companies

Velaro, LivePerson, Pardot and Silverpop Extend NetSuite Business Application

Suite Using NS-BOS to Provide Live Chat and Marketing Automation

SAN MATEO, Calif.—July 22 2008—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), a leading vendor of on-demand, integrated business management software suites for the mid-market enterprise business and divisions of large companies, today announced the latest product extensions to the NetSuite Business Operating System (NS-BOS) built by NetSuite developer partners. Quickly emerging as one of the leading Software-as-a-Service (SaaS ) development platforms, NS-BOS gives ISVs access to the powerful capabilities in NetSuite's core applications, as well as the tools they need to extend these capabilities to address specific customer needs throughout the business process lifecycle. These new ISV-built solutions—from Velaro, LivePerson, Pardot, and Silverpop—are designed especially for customer service and customer support-centric companies, as well as the broader marketing automation needs of any mid-market enterprise. The availability of these solutions was announced today in conjunction with the unveiling of new AJAX-powered features for NetSuite CRM+ (please see the accompanying press release). For more information about NS-BOS, please visit

"Today's announcement of these latest software products from NetSuite partners are perfect examples of how ISVs can leverage the power and flexibility of NetSuite and the NS-BOS platform," said Mini Peiris, VP of Product Marketing at NetSuite. "Whether integrating new value-add applications, or building vertical solutions, the NS-BOS development platform enables our partners to focus on their unique expertise, solutions and business. This helps them to rapidly expand into increasingly dynamic and vertical markets offering a comprehensive business suite that has NetSuite at its core."

NS-BOS: Open for Business
Unlike other SaaS development platforms, NS-BOS does not require all applications to be written using code proprietary to the platform. Instead, NS-BOS takes an open, standards-based approach that enables developers to leverage industry-standard javascript and SOAP-standard Web services for developing and integrating applications with NetSuite's comprehensive business suite.

NS-BOS delivers a SaaS development platform that enables ISVs and developers to address the end-to-end needs of businesses. By building on and extending the core of NetSuite, NS-BOS increases ISVs' speed-to-market. This is because every application built using NS-BOS can interact with and leverage the core ERP / CRM / Ecommerce functionality of NetSuite and related data managed by the suite. This way, developers can focus on their unique differentiation rather than spending time on core functionality such as customer service cases or lead management.

Velaro, LivePerson, Pardot, and Silverpop are a few of the many NetSuite ISVs and VARs who are taking advantage of the power of NS-BOS to offer solutions that span a range of applications — from live chat, to very specific marketing automation processes including Web analytics and large volume email marketing. The following are highlights of their most recent value-added solutions to NetSuite:

  • Velaro (—Founded in 2000, Velaro is a leader of online conversion management. Velaro's unique Software-as-a-Service solution converts website visitors into customers. Velaro's product suite intelligently learns, engages and reacts to customers. This makes Velaro a choice solution for leading B2B and B2C companies.

"Velaro's new NetSuite integration eliminates unnecessary steps in sales and service processes. Also, instead of having customer information stored in separate disparate systems, or having online agents manually move critical information between systems, Velaro does it for them," said Alex Bloom, President of Velaro. "Building the integration with NetSuite was facilitated by the flexibility and depth of the NS-BOS platform which allows Velaro to easily tap into the core NetSuite sales and service objects."

  • LivePerson (—Based in New York City,LivePerson is a provider of online engagement solutions that facilitate real-time assistance and expert advice. Connecting businesses and experts with consumers seeking help on the Web, LivePerson's hosted software platform creates more relevant, compelling and personalised online experiences. Every month, LivePerson's intelligent platform helps millions of people succeed online; more than 6,000 companies, including EarthLink, Hewlett-Packard, Microsoft, Qwest, and Verizon, rely on LivePerson to maximise the impact of the online channel.

"LivePerson's state-of-the-art live chat technology seamlessly integrates with NetSuite to extend the rich functionality of NetSuite's on-demand applications," said Philippe Lang, Senior Vice President for LivePerson. "This new advanced integration is built using the NS-BOS platform and is extremely flexible in catering to the needs of both business-to-business and business-to-consumer organisations that use the NetSuite and LivePerson applications for online sales and support operations."

  • Pardot (—Pardot's Prospect Insight is an on-demand lead management platform that can show a sales team exactly where to spend its time in order to maximise ROI. Advanced micro-level Web analytics allows Prospect Insight to capture all relevant prospect activities, both on and off an organisation's website, and help determine the prospects that are showing the most buying signals. The solution syncs seamlessly with NetSuite to provide sales reps and marketers with real-time micro-level Web analytics and tracking.

"As B2B sales organisations continually look for ways to improve ROI on marketing efforts, tying together disparate systems and data stores becomes a priority," said Adam Blitzer, Vice President of Marketing at Pardot. "By seamlessly integrating with NetSuite's core CRM objects via the NS-BOS platform, Pardot is able to deliver a true lead management solution, allowing clients to quickly follow up with their most sales-ready leads and automatically nurture those that are less qualified. The two systems work in tandem to eliminate the guesswork and subjectivity that typically slows down B2B sales teams."

  • Silverpop (—A premier email service provider, Silverpop delivers a comprehensive array of on-demand, Web-based software solutions serving the online relationship marketing needs of enterprise-level organisations throughout the world. Its Software-as-a-Service approach makes it easy and affordable for marketers to create, automate and execute lifecycle multi-channel marketing campaigns that are timely, relevant and measurable. With highly scalable tools supporting both BtoC marketing initiatives and BtoB lead management processes through its Vtrenz solution, Silverpop delivers a robust suite of marketing tools not available elsewhere in the marketplace.

"NetSuite's offering is much broader than a stand-alone CRM solution, and by integrating with Silverpop's Vtrenz solution using the NS-BOS platform, it extends value by adding BtoB demand generation and full marketing execution and automation," said Bryan Brown, Director of Product Management and Development, Silverpop. "The result is a very intuitive, complete solution for businesses, with seamless workflow achieved thanks to the core NetSuite objects exposed and accessed through the NS-BOS platform." 

NS-BOS Gains Momentum
Since its launch in February 2008, NS-BOS has attracted more than 1,000 ISVs and developers, who have created over 60 applications, built on NetSuite, across 15 vertical application areas. NS-BOS delivers a platform for customisation, integration and vertical application creation that includes:

  • Software-as-a-Service Infrastructure—Third parties developing applications on NS-BOS will host those applications on NetSuite's multi-tenant, on-demand architecture.
  • Complete Suite—By including the NetSuite application within the NS-BOS application development environment, developers can embed the industry-leading ERP / CRM / Ecommerce suite within their applications.
  • SuiteFlex—Based on industry standard JavaScript, the SuiteFlex scripting environment can be used for application development, customisation and integration specific to a single customer or an entire industry using everything from point-and-click tools, to SuiteTalk Web services, to the full SuiteScript programming language. SuiteFlex also includes SuiteScript D-Bug, the first Platform-as-a-Service code debugger which enables real-time code validation and testing against the complete NetSuite application, enabling faster iterative development.
  • SuiteBundler—SuiteBundler is breakthrough technology that allows for the delivery of ISV-built vertical solutions to SaaS customers in a packaged, repeatable manner, eliminating time-consuming, error prone overhead costs of re-coding.

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