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IDC MarketScape Names Oracle NetSuite a Worldwide Leader in SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Finance and Accounting Applications

Financial software has made great strides over the past year, increasing the visibility and transparency of workflows—allowing organizations to become more agile and strategic. Today’s financial applications are being asked to support evolving business models, shifting regulations, changing deployment models, converging workflows and the emergence of digital business.

The IDC MarketScape evaluates major vendors to provide practical advice and direction for business leaders. The IDC MarketScape assesses vendors based on a wide range of criteria, including functionality, discussions with customers, technical support, account management, marketing message, total cost of ownership, ease of integration, user interface and ROI.

Oracle NetSuite is proud to be a leader on their list. Download the report excerpt to learn the IDC MarketScape's guidance for midmarket businesses looking for a financial application vendor.

SOURCE: IDC MarketScape: Worldwide SaaS and Cloud-Enabled Midmarket Finance and Accounting Applications 2020 Vendor Assessment, by Kevin Permenter, Frank Della Rosa, Shari Lava, and Mickey North Rizza, Apr 2020, IDC Doc#US45837220.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Starting a Business

Think back to before you started your business: is there something you wish you’d known? No matter what experience you bring to the table, there is always a steep learning curve when launching your first–or any–business. Ask any founder, they probably have spent more time than they care to admit on figuring out what works best. Being in business means a lot of trial and error.

Being able to forecast how the market will shift and react to your business is one thing, but knowing how to build a foundation that can adapt to its changing surroundings is a different matter. Once that’s in place, there is also the question of how to grow your business and mature your goals and practices.

This SmartCompany report, produced in partnership with Oracle NetSuite, offers practical advice from former Smart50 Award winners and other small business owners and decision-makers on the mentality they nurture in their businesses and the practical tips they have implemented in order to succeed.

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Beyond Bookkeeping: Five Ways to Grow Your Business with the Right Financial Management Software

A business can only grow as fast as its software allows. Basic accounting software like Xero, MYOB, Tally and QuickBooks can support your financial needs but up to what extent? Knowing how far your accounting software can support your financial needs is critical as you plan for the next stage of growth. This white paper dives into the five ways your business can capatilise on the benefits of having a complete financial management software.

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Crushing the Four Barriers to Growth

As many businesses know all too well, running a business rarely comes without hurdles. Keeping your finger on the pulse of every facet of your organisation while trying to facilitate growth and increase revenue can be very challenging. Whether you’re dealing with poor customer data, manual processes, limited visibility across operations or keeping up with changing regulations, overcoming these pain points are critical to allowing your business to thrive in today’s landscape. Download this white paper, ‘Crushing the Four Barriers to Growth’ to discover the key factors that are holding back your business and practical solutions to overcome these challenges.

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What Are the Main Differences Between SMB Accounting Software and an ERP?

As cloud-hosted, small business accounting apps have grown in scope, it’s become increasingly difficult to tell the difference between accounting software and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software. During growth, most companies typically realise that stringing together a set of separate apps gets very challenging regardless of the added integration capabilities the software may have. Whereas an ERP customised to a company’s exact processes can provide a simpler platform for many years of growth. Download this report and learn the key differences between SMB accounting software and an ERP.

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The Evolution of a Business System Hairball

Many business owners dream of becoming the next big enterprise. But as a business grows and expands, it gets to a point where they need to invest in systems. Not having a long-term goal in mind can trap businesses into a “hairball” of disparate systems that demand attention with every upgrade or tweak. Don’t make this mistake.

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Platform for Business: Four Ways a Cloud Platform Enables Modern Companies to Grow Strategically

There is no longer even a question. A cloud-based platform can help put you in front of your competition. Companies that don’t innovate around business models and technology struggle to compete against those who does. Learn how companies like you rely on a cloud-based platform to compete on improving customer experience while focusing on scaling and growing their business.

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Why Dumping Spreadsheets Can Supercharge Your Business

It can’t be argued that Excel spreadsheets are a handy tool when it comes to running a business, but as your business flourishes, holding on to processes that are not able to facilitate progress can sabotage your operations and growth. How do you know when it’s time to consolidate your spreadsheets and processes into one interconnected platform?

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Enabling the Modern Business Through IT

Maintain relevance and drive growth through new products, new lines of business, new customer-enabling and supply chain capabilities by moving away from managing highly complex and inflexible legacy IT systems.

Download this white paper and learn how IT can support your business as the pace of innovation accelerates.

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The Future of Finance Is in the CFO’s Hands

It’s no secret that CFOs need to be strategic, but adopting a tactical financial approach on top of juggling traditional responsibilities is easier said than done.

This white paper dives into how other CFOs are taking on the role of a strategic business partner while managing a continuous close, and how you can too!

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Born in The Cloud: Four Big Growth Opportunities for Small Businesses in Asia-Pacific

Do you ever get the feeling that you're running on the spot? Being a SMB is challenging enough as it is, without your systems holding you back.

In this exclusive whitepaper produced by independent market research and business strategy consultants, Frost & Sullivan, we offer you the chance to:

  • Discover the four biggest growth opportunities for SMBs, as identified by 363 SMB executives in the APAC region.
  • Explore how low-cost, flexible and scalable cloud solutions are enabling SMBs to leverage their greatest competitive assets to grow faster and further than their counterparts who keep technology on-premise.
  • Learn how SMBs are in a better position than most to react to growth opportunities that are arising from ongoing industry shifts—and how cloud is proving critical in this story.

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Buyer's Guide to ERP Business Management Software

Wondering if it's your time to switch to a Cloud-based ERP? Finding the time to make this decision can be hard. Our Buyer's Guide keeps things simple, exploring the enormous value Cloud ERP systems can bring to businesses of all sizes, as well as highlighting considerations which should be front of mind when you select your ERP solution. Discover the real difference between on-premise and off-premise ERP systems and the key questions you should be asking yourself and your vendor.

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The Buyer's Guide to Financial Management Software: The 10 Essentials of an Effective Financials Solution

Choosing the ideal financial management solution to align your business is one of the most important and intimidating business decisions you can make. To help guide you through the process, this comprehensive Buyer's Guide To Financial Management Software outlines the top 10 criteria a small or medium-sized business can't afford to ignore when picking a cloud-based accounting software, including cost of ownership, integration, adaptability and business intelligence functionality.

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Disrupt, Collapse, Transform: Cloud's Role in Industry Transformation

The average lifespan of a company has reduced from 61 years in 1958 to 18 years today, and is forecast to decline to 10 years by 2018. For smaller companies, more than half of today's businesses will not be around in five years.

Read this Frost & Sullivan survey report of 1,500 senior executives across a range of industries in seven countries (Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, the UK and the US) to understand what's driving rapid industry transformation—from digitalisation, globalisation to cloud computing. Learn how cloud computing has emerged not just as a cause of change but increasingly as a necessary response providing the flexibility and adaptability that's key to survival.

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Business-Critical Processes on the Cloud—What's Stopping You?

Why are companies still hesitant to harness the cloud for enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM), inventory, analytics and other business-critical processes? NetSuite asked CFO Innovation to invite a select group of CFOs, finance directors, controllers and other senior finance executives to a roundtable discussion in Singapore in October 2013 to share their experiences and concerns about putting mission-critical business processes in the cloud, including security, integration with other software and cost.

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Global, Industry, And Technology Forces Shape the ERP Landscape

Companies of all sizes are changing faster than ever before. They're expanding operations into new geographies and markets, growing by acquisition, and even rethinking their core business. They need their ERP software to keep pace, not hinder their progress.

Download this Forrester Research white paper to learn what's driving the ERP shift towards cloud/SaaS-based solutions and how your organisation can prepare for the coming ERP change. Explore how cloud ERP solutions offer the required flexibility, agility and scalability to support global business growth, enable industry-specific functionality and offer the mobility demanded by users.

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