CRM System For Ecommerce

Single Customer View

It’s almost impossible to gain a complete understanding of your customers’ interactions and preferences when your customer, order and inventory data is stored in separate, channel-specific silos and systems. With NetSuite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) running as an integral part of your commerce platform, you get unprecedented visibility into the browsing and shopping activities of your customers. NetSuite CRM provides a 360-degree view of each customer from all channels and touchpoints, allowing you to deliver personalised and consistent service, provide a relevant, engaging shopping experience while establishing customer loyalty with your brand.

Key Benefits

  • Generate a single view of a customer across multiple channels for full visibility into all online, in-store and call-centre transactions and interactions.
  • Build rich customer profiles based on behaviours and interactions that can be shared with sales, marketing and support staff.
  • Create target segments for very focused, personalised upsell and cross-sell campaigns and promotions.
  • Understand your customers’ true lifetime value.
  • Decrease service costs, grow customer satisfaction and retention, and offer a consistent customer service experience across multiple channels.

Rich Customer Profiles

In one place, you are able to see every single interaction an individual has had with your business: online, in-store and on the phone, including their entire lifetime purchase histories. You will also get a full understanding of their website activities, such as items browsed, carted or added to a wish list, responses to marketing campaigns, communications with your organisation, returns history and much more. Best of all, truly understand your customers’ lifetime value to maximise profitability while increasing sales by segmenting customers to drive personalised marketing campaigns, promotions and offers.

Superior Customer Service Across Every Touchpoint

Provide everyone who interfaces with the customer—sales, support and service—access to real-time customer data. NetSuite's 360-degree customer view gives your service and support staff improved visibility into customer issues and allows them to provide a consistent and insightful service experience across multiple channels. At the same time, provide information to shoppers via a password-protected online self-service customer centre so they can manage billing and addresses, as well as access their order history and track order status.

Lifetime Customer Value

Traditional ecommerce platforms paint only a partial picture of customer lifetime value. NetSuite, as your financial system of record, allows you to get a complete understanding of the profitability of the customer.. By quantifying promotional and marketing costs and product margin, you can make more educated decisions about your marketing spend—targeting the most profitable avenues and customer segments.