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Tokyo-based Kii Corporation turns to NetSuite OneWorld to drive global business growth

NetSuite OneWorld Enables Cloud Mobile Analytics Provider to Run Global Finance and Employee Management Across Three Subsidiaries in China, Spain and the U.S.

Tokyo, Japan—July 01, 2014—NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP and omnichannel commerce software suites, today announced that mobile back-end-as-a-service and data synchronization technology company, Kii Corporation, has deployed NetSuite OneWorld to drive its global business growth. As Kii Corporation expanded its business globally, its home-grown, on-premise ERP software system, cumbersome manual processes and spreadsheets had become obstacles that were hindering the company's growth. Kii Corporation turned to NetSuite OneWorld and moved its mission-critical business processes to the cloud. Kii is relying on NetSuite OneWorld to manage its global business operations including global financial management, financial consolidation, multi-currency (JPY, USD, RMB, HKD and Euro), order management and purchasing—all within one unified cloud solution in real time. Additionally, NetSuite OneWorld's employee center capability also allows Kii to manage its global employee workforce across three countries. As a result, Kii has gained the real-time visibility into its key business operations across China, the United States and Spain and the flexibility and scalability it needs to support Kii Corporation's potential future public listing, as the company continues to expand into new markets.

Kii Corporation provides businesses with one-stop business applications solutions, including Kii Cloud Mobile Backend, a dedicated cloud that provides hosting, user and data management for mobile app developers; Mobile Analytics, which analyses mobile app data; Kii to China, solutions for entering the Chinese market; and Kii Capital, offering financial support for developers of mobile apps. Founded in 2010 after the merger between Servo Software and Synclore Corporation, Kii Corporation is currently expanding development and business in China, the United States and Spain.

Kii Corporation tracked performance indicators and created financial reports and other necessary financial documentation using a combination of home-grown accounting software and Microsoft Excel. However, with growing pressure to expand its business overseas, Kii Corporation began to realise the limitations of its in-house accounting software. In addition, the prospect of becoming publicly listed in the future required a cloud-based business management system that could be scaled globally.

Why NetSuite OneWorld?
Kii Corporation ran rigorous evaluations of multiple ERP solutions, and selected NetSuite OneWorld based on:

  • One unified cloud-based global business management system that enables real-time global business management and provides superior global capabilities including financial consolidation, multi-currency and multi-language management, order management and real-time analytics and financial reporting.
  • Its proven track record of success in enabling pre-IPO companies to be better prepared for successful IPOs.
  • Speed of implementation—implementation takes weeks and months, not years.
  • No hassles with version lock and customization that carries over automatically with each upgrade.
  • Cost efficiency—no overhead IT investment and no need for more IT staff.
  • Ease of use.
  • Anytime, anywhere access—Real time report sharing, powerful employee center that enables rapid expense report approvals and performance reviews.

"We selected NetSuite because of its ability to scale with the growth of our company. In addition to the high upfront investment required for on-premise ERP, our limited internal IT resources would have been unable to cope with the management and internal maintenance that an on- premise solution requires," said Susumu Ota, Director, Kii Corporation. "We needed a system that enabled individual user autonomy and was managed externally in the cloud. With NetSuite, there is no version lock and the system is flexible enough to grow with our business."

"We participated in NetSuite seminars and learned how to implement and use the software before it was launched. This training, coupled with our previous ERP implementation experience, helped us to proceed with the software quickly and without issue," said Kazunori Saito, Finance Director, Kii Corporation. "If we had tried introducing an on-premise ERP system, it might have taken us significantly longer to complete our implementation. I think one of the unique benefits of cloud software is the speed at which the system can be implemented. Upfront costs were also significantly lower compared to on-premise systems."

Kii Corporation has been able to train management not only in Japan, but globally on the new ERP cloud software. The company's management team is able to track global business performance in real-time.

About Kii Corporation
Founded in November 2007 as Synclore Corporation, specializing in mobile data synchronization technology, the company merged with Servo Software, a world leader in device search, in July 2010 to create Kii Corporation. The company's core product is Kii Platform. It is a unique service that combines cloud technology and distribution services with a venture fund that supports mobile application developer monetization and business expansion. Kii Corporation currently serves more than 10 million end users world-wide through its partner developer application network. The company has offices in Japan, California, Shanghai, and Hong Kong and employs numerous engineers and specialists across the world. For more information please visit the Kii Corporation website:

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