Powerful Cloud-Based Expand Management Software To Support Your Services Organisation End-to-End

In a billable services organisation, expense management is critical. To maximise the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting and overall expense management, this process should be as easy and flexible as possible for users and connect directly with project management and project accounting.

NetSuite Expense Management offers powerful features that improve productivity, enable better tracking and compliance, maximise the accuracy and timeliness of expense reporting and enhance the overall experience.

Capture all expenses with NetSuite’s simple interface and ensure every entry is accurate. Flexible workflow enables efficient approvals.


Flexible, Accurate Expense Entry and Reporting

Customise business rules for expense management, consolidate expenses from multiple projects into a single expense report and create and submit expense reports from mobile devices.

Advanced Expense Approvals and Workflows

Track expense reports through submit/approve lifecycle, view an auditable system history for each report and create overdue expense report approval alerts.

Simple, Straightforward Interface

Expense reports are one of the highest touchpoints of your Professional Services Automation solution. By designing a simple, easy to learn interface we make this weekly task easy, improving adoption and accuracy.


Powers Employee Productivity

Submit expenses from anywhere—via web browser or mobile device. Photograph receipts with an iPhone.

Flexible and Customisable

Customise workflows and approval processes to meet your unique business, project accounting and expense management needs.

Increase Accuracy and Efficiency

Increase accuracy by integrating Expense Management with Project Management and NetSuite ERP to eliminate double entry of expense reporting data.

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