Delighting Security Teams and Users One Login at a Time

Role-Based Authentication

Application users and security organisations agree that NetSuite’s authentication system is remarkable. Admins can leverage the built-in convenience and safety of two-factor authentication.

NetSuite provides many standard roles with pre-defined permissions. Most of these roles correspond to common employee positions and standard roles are also available for vendors, partners and customers with account access.

Key Benefits

  • Easily manage permissions, access to functionality and access to data for all employees, suppliers and partners using role-based access.
  • Confidently access NetSuite from anywhere through 128-bit SSL encryption.
  • Utilise advanced security technology such as location-based IP address restrictions.
  • Continuously enforce access to NetSuite with password complexity and password renewal rules.

Learn how NetSuite Authentication Means Happy Users, Admins and Better Integrations.

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