Switch From SAP To NetSuite

Run Your Global Business While Thriving in the Hybrid Cloud

The #1 Cloud ERP Solution for Global Organisations

Give Your Subsidiaries Flexibility and Rapid Deployment with Cloud ERP While Linking to Headquarter SAP

Your headquarters SAP ERP solution has been serving you well as your organisation grew organically. But in today’s competitive marketplace, your company needs to quickly enter new markets and grow with new subsidiaries and new acquisitions. You need to integrate these new entities with your corporate ERP—but can you do so quickly, easily and affordably, and achieve the real–time global visibility and efficiency that your organisation demands?

The solution is a two–tier ERP model powered by NetSuite. The two–tier solution allows you preserve your headquarters’ on–premise ERP/financials investments in SAP or other systems, while getting your global subsidiaries up and running quickly through NetSuite’s agile, flexible cloud–based ERP/financials software. Empower your subsidiaries with the flexibility to optimise local operations while giving headquarters the real–time visibility and consolidation it requires.

NetSuite Dashboard


Real–Time Information and Insight

Improve business performance with real–time metrics and role–based dashboards.

Accelerate the Financial Close

Fast–track your financial close and simplify compliance with local tax, accounting and regulatory requirements.

Streamline the Back Office

Eliminate manual rekeying and human errors with seamless integration between ERP/financials, CRM and ecommerce.

Accurate Reporting

Drill down into the underlying transaction to understand the impact on your organisation.