Cloud ERP Software For Consulting Firms

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NetSuite Software Solutions for Consulting FirmsOptimise Resources and Streamline Operations with Integrated Accounting and Professional Services Automation (PSA)

Today, consulting practices in Hong Kong face the challenges of meeting optimal staff allocation and delivering services profitably on time and on budget, while exceeding client expectations. Meanwhile, non-billable administrative processes, such as invoicing and business planning, and related costs, result in reduced efficiencies and foregone productive hours. NetSuite software solutions for consulting firms helps, you eliminate redundant administration and provides real-time information to optimise planning of your people and resources, boost project profitability and improve collaboration across your offices and practices around the world.


Optimise Staff Allocation

Assign the right resources to the right project at the right time.

Maximise Profitability

Benchmark projects with dashboards, identifying profitable teams and budgeted versus billed time.

Improve Collaboration

Share important project and service information and intellectual property easily across different offices and practices.

Automate Time and Expense

Increase productivity with convenient mobile time and expense management and automatic approvals, which link to financials.