ActivePDF is Taking Its Ubiquitous Technology to the Next Level

Anyone who's signed a DocuSign document or downloaded a bank statement has experienced ActivePDF's magic. It's been two decades since the company identified the need for automated PDF manipulation in a multitude of industries, and today, that technology is now embedded into daily life. However, for much of its history, ActivePDF struggled to get what it needed out of its own systems.




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“NetSuite empowers our team to efficiently process data, track leads, manage invoicing and more. It’s revolutionised the way we connect with our clients and end users as we grow.” Derek Gerber, Global Marketing Director, ActivePDF

An Automation and Innovation Platform

Improved visibility triggers growth
With the visibility that NetSuite provides, ActivePDF has improved everything from forecasting and resource allocation to lead generation and invoicing. That's translated to year-over-year growth of more than 45%, and the company expects new services built on top of NetSuite-powered automation to further fuel its bottom line.
Seeking more efficient renewal invoicing
ActivePDF was bogged down trying to manually process thousands of smaller transactions, which made it hard to focus on larger renewals of six- or seven-figure contracts. Prior to implementing NetSuite, the ActivePDF team found it difficult to extract the data needed to simplify smaller renewals. Identical reports generated differing data for categories such as licensing and accounts receivables.
Customised workflows deliver automated renewals
NetSuite provides more than just the data needed to invoice more efficiently. ActivePDF has innovated on the platform, building an automated workflow that delivers renewal contracts via DocuSign. Customers pay from within the agreement with data easily flowing back into NetSuite.
Innovation promises double digit growth
Having achieved an easy and efficient workflow automation it craved for years, ActivePDF wants more. The company spent a few months building its own DocuSign invoicing workflow, and believes additional automation focused on boosting client renewal rates will help double revenue in the coming years.


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