Blue-9 Pet Products

Blue-9 Offers Pet Parents, Professionals a Better Way to Train Their Dogs

From the beginning, Blue-9 Pet Products had a singular goal: to create products that help dogs succeed. Founder David Blake consulted with professional trainers, veterinarians and dog behaviorists for years before releasing the patented KLIMB dog training platform in 2014. The KLIMB, designed to meet the various needs of veterinarians, trainers and pet parents, makes dog training easier and more effective. Blue-9 has since added another core product, a no-pull dog harness called the Balance Harness.


Blue-9 Pet Products


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“It was a challenge to find a system robust enough to meet our current and future needs at a budget we can afford.” David Blake, President, Blue-9 Pet Products
“It was a challenge to find a system robust enough to meet our current and future needs at a budget we can afford.” David Blake, President, Blue-9 Pet Products

Immediate Success Sparks Operational Challenges

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Immediate Success Sparks Operational Challenges

Blue-9 Pet Products

Pet Parents Take Notice

Blue-9’s sales doubled in its early years, boosted by the KLIMB and Balance Harness receiving awards from top industry publications. Though Blake intended to target only the professional market in the early years, the company’s products quickly became popular with pet parents. Blue-9’s ecommerce site accounts for more than 90% of revenue, with orders evenly split between businesses and consumers.

Blue-9 Pet Products

Scaling Production But Maintaining Quality

To ensure quality, the company manufactures its products in the U.S., which became increasingly challenging as demand increased. Blue-9 also needed a system with better reporting capabilities to provide visibility into every aspect of its business, from manufacturing to ecommerce sales, that could still scale with its rapid growth.

Blue-9 Pet Products

Unified Solution in 90 Days

As a lean company, Blue-9's success relies on clear internal processes. NetSuite's unified solution, implemented in just over 90 days by NetSuite Professional Services, allows it to follow best practices and provides access to rich data for more informed decisions.

Blue-9 Pet Products

Reaching into New Markets

Blue-9 has built valuable partnerships with dog daycare/boarding businesses as well as military and police working dog programs. The company continues to reach into international markets, building relationships with distributors in Europe and Australia. It also plans to create more educational training content and instructional videos for purchase.


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