Free and Quality Education Transforming the Lives of Over 1500 Vulnerable Children

Colegio Madre Teresa is a free nonprofit socio-educational institution focused on those living in poverty. It provides health, nutrition, social and pastoral assistance in full-day Preschool, Primary and Secondary education. It also holds four extracurricular educational programs to integrate other children and youth from the region. The institution is supported by contributions from the entire community.


Colegio Madre Teresa


San Fernando, Argentina










Potenciar Solidario


Buenos Aires, Argentina

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“We really trust our system and the information it generates. Our processes, our procurement and our acquisitions are much faster and more efficient with NetSuite.” Josefina López Naguil, Legal Representative, Colegio Madre Teresa

Technology Towards Excellence in Management

Increasing donors’ confidence
Founded in 2003, diverse funding sources help Colegio Madre Teresa remain sustainable. 57% of the operational budget is supported by contributions from private and institutional donors, which require frequent financial reports. NetSuite has facilitated these reports by automating processes, improving transparency and accuracy.
Learning with another NGO
In 2016, as part of a process of growth and institutional development, Colegio Madre Teresa implemented NetSuite with the collaboration of Potenciar Solidario, a non-governmental organization that professionalizes NGOs’ management. This change allowed the institution to retire their spreadsheet-based accounting.
Donations used more efficiently
The school administration welcomed NetSuite as a way to modernize their operations. The organization received a donation of NetSuite from Oracle NetSuite Social Impact which allowed the organization to track its funding more efficiently and have transparent data in one place. Now, valuable resources and donations can be spent more efficiently with the help of NetSuite.
Reliable reporting brings transparency
The Executive Board of Colegio Madre Teresa has praised NetSuite for providing reliable information and consistent reporting. Donors and potential donors can now receive reports faster, easier and with more transparency, increasing their confidence in the institution.


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