Well-Baked Business Model Feeds Remarkable Growth of Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies has become one of America’s fastest-growing franchises in just a few years. The cookie store is a social media sensation, with millions of followers and a loyal legion of customers. Crumbl was born when cousins Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan thought a dessert shop near Utah State University would be a hit. After exhaustive testing, they identified the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.


Crumbl Cookies


Orem, Utah


Food And Beverage


250 to 499

Number of Countries


Number of Subsidiaries



Microsoft Office

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“We've been able to increase profitability by improving visibility into inventory value, days on hand, and other critical information with NetSuite.” Michael Card, VP of Finance, Crumbl Cookies

Capturing the Country’s Taste Buds

From 2 to 600 bakeries
After the first Crumbl store in Logan, Utah took off quickly, the cousins moved south to Orem and saw similar success. But the explosive growth began when they started franchising. With very strong margins and a franchisee-friendly model, Crumbl opens an average of 40 to 50 new bakeries every month and is closing in on its 600th location.
Quick fixes crumble
As Crumbl expanded at a breakneck pace, employees found fast, if imperfect, financial and inventory management solutions. But QuickBooks Online, spreadsheets, and paper-based inventory tracking left them without real-time insight into the company’s performance and were not scalable. The company also had limited forecasting capabilities and lacked consolidated reporting.
Perfect recipe for growth
In search of a system flexible and robust enough to support its fast-changing needs, Crumbl moved to NetSuite. The business now has much tighter control over financials and inventory, increasing profitability and cash flow. The finance team can collaborate on budgets, and leaders have the data necessary to make more informed decisions.
Going global with cookies
Crumbl wants to become the cookie company and continue to find ways to better serve franchise partners. As part of that goal, the Instagram-famous bakery will soon open its first international store in Canada, turning to NetSuite OneWorld to automate currency conversion and other complexities of multi-subsidiary management.

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