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Digital Transformation Powers IT Services Firm’s Steady Growth

Founded in 2009, DTI Digital is a company that accelerates the digital transformation of its customers through the application of agile methodologies, lean and design thinking, as well as the adoption of new technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. DTI services include consulting, solution deployment, application development and bots among others. Since its foundation, DTI Digital has grown from 35% to 40% a year, increasing the challenges for its operation and management teams. To support the company in its expansion process, the leadership decided to invest in a unified cloud solution that integrates finance, project management, cost control and employee reimbursement.


DTI Digital


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“With NetSuite, we have our financial information presented online, where we can see our investments and expansions represented through real numbers. Previously, we based financial decisions on feelings, not concrete data.” DTI Digital

Company Delivers Implementation, Development and Education

Flexibility enables seamless transition
As a software developer, DTI customised NetSuite to fit the company’s internal needs. NetSuite’s flexibility and ease of customisation made the transition to the platform seamless. Before its initial adoption in October of 2017, DTI was looking forward to finding a 100% cloud platform because it allows lower costs and less worry with infrastructure, maintenance, servers, etc. Today, virtually all of DTI's 350 employees are using NetSuite.
Employee autonomy enables growth
NetSuite’s solution improved all of DTI Digital’s operations, allowing the company to easily grow. Due to NetSuite’s platforms, DTI gives their employees autonomy in their work habits since relevant information can easily be reached on NetSuite. DTI never needed to change its business model or service methodologies since NetSuite works as an uncompromising system and helped decentralise several processes and allowed DTI to leverage the company’s structure and growth. With NetSuite, decisions regarding company investments and expansions are streamlined into one platform.
Poised for international expansion
DTI Digital hopes to expand internationally, and NetSuite’s scalable platform and multi-currency support enables their rapid growth wherever they may aim. Leadership can focus on company development instead of spending time managing the implementation of new platforms. Regardless of the model implemented, DTI Digital will continue relying on NetSuite to support its growth.


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