Easy Living Home Elevators Reaches New Levels with New Systems

Easy Living Home Elevators provides bespoke elevator installation services for luxury homes, as well as homes requiring disability access. The brainchild of a former electrician, the business has grown from a two-person operation to one that employs over 100 staff and encompasses six entities. Easy Living is recognised as an industry leader and has worked on projects at the Sydney Opera House and Westfield Sydney, to name a few.

Easy Living Home Elevators


Easy Living Home Elevators


Willoughby, Australia


Lifestyle and Construction





Number of Subsidiaries


Systems Replaced

MYOB, Act!, Microsoft Access

Other Solutions Considered

Sage, SAP, Microsoft

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite OneWorld
Inventory Management
Fixed Assets Management

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“We had to decide to stay where we were or continue to grow—realised we needed to get slicker with our business process.” Robert Pizzie, CEO, Easy Living Home Elevators

Seamless Integration and Flexibility

An industry on the rise
With only two other players, the private elevator industry was relatively niche in Australia. The team at Easy Living quickly grew market share by focusing on smaller projects of fewer than five elevator levels, effectively breaking into the luxury penthouse and disability services sector.
Stuck on the way up
Rapid growth, which included the acquisition of five competitors, left the business little time to consider the sprawl of systems it had accumulated. Easy Living’s patchwork of software—MYOB, Act and Microsoft Access Database—just didn’t integrate properly. Manual data entry led to mistakes in calculations, which slowed financial reporting. End-of-month close took two weeks to process, leaving time only for reactive decision-making. The team didn’t have insight into projects that were heading overbudget, impacting the bottom line.
A top-down view
Easy Living implemented NetSuite in 2017 to more easily manage its six business entities. Now, month-end close is completed in half the time. In addition to financial transactions, the business uses NetSuite to monitor labour hours and track worksite efficiencies. On the previous system, it could take up to 10 days to generate an efficiency report, which meant it was only feasible to create them once a month. On NetSuite, reports are instant, so the executive team can understand exactly what is happening at each worksite in real time and better mitigate any issues they may foresee.
Lift off
With less time spent generating reports, Easy Living’s CFO now spends more time journalising insights and managing strategy. The executive team, meanwhile, examines Easy Living’s 90+ oncurrently running project sites for potential improvements in labour efficiency and profitability. Having cracked the code to growth, Easy Living is set to expand internationally, with the possibility of a franchise model on the table.


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