NetSuite Helps Cosmetics Maker Boost Order Shipments, Reduce Costs, Improve Customer Satisfaction





Laguna Hills, Calif.


Manufacturing, Wholesale/Distribution of cosmetics

Applications Replaced

Sage MAS 200


NetSuite ERP

“NetSuite and eBizNET have brought us to the point where our supply chain execution complements our product and marketing arsenal and we can compete with anybody.” Epicuren

Customer Success

  • Epicuren has increased order shipments by 125% and double sales staff productivity through greatly improved inventory visibility.
  • Even with 1,700 active SKUs, the company was able to reduce raw materials storage space by 33%.
  • Demand planning processes now work with real-time inventory data, whereas before it had to use two-week-old data.
  • Real-time demand planning has helped Epicuren improve inventory turns by 33%, reduce stock-outs by 25% and improve order-fill rates by 10%.
  • Sales reps can now place orders remotely from customer sites and get immediate acceptance, compared with having to phone or fax in orders, and then waiting up to 2 days for confirmation.
  • Epicuren estimates that automated order processing will save hundreds of hours per month of administrative time over the previous method.
  • NetSuite's ability to automate complex tax calculations allows customers to place orders online, saving substantial time for Epicuren and boosting customer goodwill.
  • Epicuren's new WMS has enabled radio frequency tracking of individual products for the first time.
  • The new implementation motivated manufacturing and warehouse personnel to adopt standardized best practices in key processes.


  • Due to increased volume of components and an ever evolving product line, Epicuren needed to more efficiently control and track product movement throughout the complex manufacturing processes.
  • Lack of automated inventory control and warehouse management processes resulted in inefficient usage of storage space.
  • Limited visibility into stock levels and sales orders hindered capacity planning and risked inventory stock-outs.
  • Lack of real-time, integrated order processing delayed phoned or faxed order acceptance by up to two days.
  • Complex taxation rules caused delayed order confirmations, impacting productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Manual warehouse picking risked shipping errors because many of Epicuren's products use similar packaging.


  • NetSuite's cloud-based, on-demand ERP/CRM application suite features end-to-end automation from order processing through manufacturing and shipping delivering real-time 360 degree visibility of all business processes.
  • Epicuren selected the integrated eBizNET WMS product for receiving, warehouse inventory management and shipping.

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