The Executive Centre Streamlines Its Operations to Future-proof the Business

Founded in 1994, The Executive Centre (TEC) is a provider of flexible work spaces that are equipped with premium business services—including concierge, accounting, professional translation and people management—in Asia. To address the demands of an increasingly distributed and mobile workforce, TEC expanded its global footprint and diversified its services. However, this rapid expansion introduced operational complexities for its existing IT system.

The Executive Centre


The Executive Centre


Hong Kong


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System replaced

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

NetSuite Products Implemented

NetSuite OneWorld
NetSuite Advanced Revenue Recognition

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“NetSuite has enabled us to efficiently manage our multi-subsidiary operations, and empowered us with real-time insights to become customer-centric and take the business forward.” Jason Wong, CIO, The Executive Centre

Solidifying the Foundation for Growth

Supporting the new working style
Unlike the conventional leasing model, TEC enables companies to pay for fully furnished office spaces and services as needed. To meet the escalating demand for flexible workspaces, TEC delivers its offerings through 125 centers in 13 countries, resulting in an average annual growth of 22 percent.
Operational complexities threaten international expansion
Due to its rapid expansion, TEC found it increasingly challenging to manage its subsidiaries across geographies. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, TEC struggled to handle multiple currencies and varying tax regulations, causing financial reporting to be complex and time-consuming.
Simplifying operations for improved visibility
TEC streamlined its accounting and compliance processes by using NetSuite OneWorld to integrate its back-end systems. The move also provided TEC with real-time visibility of its operations across its 34 subsidiaries, enabling it to make timely, insight-driven business decisions.
Accelerating growth with data
By connecting its existing CRM system to NetSuite, TEC reduced the number of days required to generate quotations and sign new customers. It also gained a deeper understanding of its customers, enabling it to offer new customer-centric services to boost revenue.


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