FR Jones & Son, UK Leader in Professional Landscaping Equipment, Meets Demands of Business Growth With NetSuite ERP

London-based FR Jones & Son is a leader in horticultural and arboricultural (the management and treatment of trees) equipment, supplies and services. The family-run business started in 1964 as a lawnmower repair service. Today, it provides gardeners, landscapers and tree surgeons with more than 8,000 products—including professional-grade mowers, chainsaws and forestry equipment—from over 180 brands in its online and brick-and-mortar retail outlet.

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“NetSuite is a critical step in preparing our company to better serve customers, make acquisitions and reach the next level of growth.” Tom Hughes, Head of Digital, FR Jones & Son

Growing to New Heights

The industry leader
Top-notch equipment, competitive pricing, knowledgeable staff and superior customer service have positioned FR Jones & Son as the leading UK supplier of tree services and ground maintenance equipment. The company has over 42,000 customers in the UK that deliver around £20M in annual revenue.
Stressed systems
Soon after FR Jones & Son sold to a private equity firm, it found its systems running at maximum capacity with little potential to accommodate its intended growth. A massive ecommerce jump in 2020 and a cramped warehouse full of stock strained the company’s WordPress ERP system.
New roots
FR Jones & Son implemented a new inventory management system to handle its 19,000 active items, automated invoicing to fast-track order processing and customised its supply allocation process, all with NetSuite ERP. The team now has accurate information around stock availability and delivery lead times from its suppliers, meaning it orders only the necessary amount of stock to meet demand—no more, and no less.
Growing forward
FR Jones & Son continues to fine-tune its processes with its new NetSuite ERP system. For example, the team analyses sales data and uses those findings to suggest “related items” to customers during checkout, achieving higher ecommerce margins. From a growth standpoint, the team will explore acquisitions of its own as directed by its PE firm, with NetSuite ERP as a business ecosystem ready to support any add-ons.


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